Symphony of Fate Episode 27

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The story focuses on two adopted sisters, An Qi and An Na, and their trials and tribulations in the fashion industry. An Qi is the older, nicer sister who is framed and returns after 5 years of wrongful imprisonment as a talented fashion designer seeking revenge, while her ambitious younger sister, An Na, becomes a super model.

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10 thoughts on “Symphony of Fate Episode 27

  1. Okay honestly the storyline is a bit cruel towards anna…i mean ever since she was little, anna never recieved a real kind of family love, and she didnt get the guy she wanted, and she didnt get the job she wanted either even tho she worked her ass off..and anqi was always the one who got everything and she ddnt even try very hard..and it’s stupid because people like anqi because she never hides the fact that she’s kind and she never hides her feelings so everytime a guys sees her cry it makes them want to take care of her. And they don’t feel that way about Anna Cuz shes a lot stronger than anqi and almost always hides her feelings. It annoys me when pple ask anqi if she’s okay and she’s like don’t worry about me and its kinda like well how can yu tell pple to not worry if Yu cry in front of them? And other than hao Ming or w.e. his name is..Anna doesn’t really have anyone by her side when she’s hurting or anything. And if anqi really cared about how anna feels she shuldnt have agreed to start dating cun Xi

    • After all Cun Xi is just one out of a million guys. If anqi really treasured her relationship with Anna she shuldvery ended all ties with Cun Xi..i mean anqi must be stupid if she thinks Anna is completely okay seeing her own sister and her lover all loveydovey even if she did allow it..I mean at least TRY not to be so loveydovey in front of Anna..

      • I agree with what you’ve said, but to an extent only. Anyway, when Haoming cared for Anna, she did not bother, or rather pursued after the life she wanted instead of trusting Haoming and responding to his love.

        Btw, it’s Chenxi! Haha, are you too indulged in Fated to Love You? Ji Cunxi!

    • although i agree that life is not fair with anna. But i think mainly because she made the situation not fair for herself. Not everyone get the guy they want or the job they want yet you don’t hear them complaining and they don’t go and hate everyone else. She was a spoil brat throughout the drama and  geets jealous of whatever anqi gets. Yet when she gets something, you don’t see her sharing her happiness with anqi. I mean anqi was willing to give up on Chenxi and i’m pretty sure if it was anna in this situation, she would never give him up. People liking anqi is not because she cry in front of them. but because she was willing to sacrified her own happiness for someone else. Anna does the most stupid and selfish stuff for her own gain. Like even though she wasn’t related to Anqi, Anqi always treated her like a real sister. Anna is the one that isolated her self on her own.

    • Well, Chun Xi liked An Qi, so instead of leaving all three of them hurt, she went with Chun Qi, and anyways Anna already has the other guy willing to do anything for her

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