Sunshine Angel Episode 06

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11 thoughts on “Sunshine Angel Episode 06

  1. Arrgh… video quality not so good and video frame got smaller… can’t see wu zun as clearly 🙁
    hopefully next episode onwards will be better 😉

  2. I know Ange changed her hairstyle since she returned but it’s as tho it’s another actress altogether – she looks different?! Or is it just me…

  3. Anyone knows what drama this story is copying? It’s familiar – the guy blackmailing gal (who caused death of lead gal’s grandma) and lead guy leaving cellphone with gal who learns abt his engagement. So familiar but what show was it?? It’s killing me…

    • I believe this drama is copying from a 2002 Korean drama “Successful Story of a Bright Girl”, by Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra. From the first episode, I had find it uncannily similar to “Successful Story of a Bright Girl”. Right now, I’m still waiting for it to divert from the Korean drama, but sadly, it hasn’t.

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