Love Forward Episode 18

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24 thoughts on “Love Forward Episode 18

  1. I like 阿公 the best since X-family *nostalgia* he never fails =Das much as the story grows i dont really care who with who being couple anymore,
    just love the funny scenes 🙂

  2. AHAHAH i love those scenes.. making ai xing all cute and sexy and like needing tian zhe to take care of her.. ah gong! Nice job! 😀

  3. tian zhe and ai xing are so much cuter for each other than him with jing jing they are so funny when she was teaching them how to read 

  4. 當晶晶想去美澤為天澤能做些甚麼的時候,我想,你不要出現就是能為天澤做的最好的事情。

  5. I like what ren wei says “you three met each other at the same time, why is it that it’s you (jing jing) that’s with tian ze”  Tian ze and ai xing all the way! 😀

    • *thumb’s up*
      They wore matching shirt while visiting Tien’s house awhile back too! Superb cute!
      And in the BTS, were the boys imitating Tony’s skateboarding commercial?

  6. I LOVE THE GRANDPA HEHEHE TRYING TO PUSH TIAN ZE AND AI XING TOGETHER! and he’s like “you fell in love with tian ze ages ago, arent i right?” HEHEHE

  7. OMG! Finally, this week DOES NOT SUCK! Indeeds, lots of LOL moments!
    And after watching the BTS and rewatching the icecream part, it’s like Tammy wanna get away not because Ai didn’t wanna be fed by Tien but because Tammy wanna get away from Tony’s nasty hands! XD XD XD

    •  I agree! I love it whenever Grandpa is around! I’m actually chasing Inborn Pair lately and the same actor as Grandpa also plays another Grandpa in there and he’s just as hilarious! So any of u guys need some more LOL, go watch IP! <3

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