Story of Time Episode 36

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In a wholesome little town in the 1960’s and 1970’s lived a few interesting families who weaved their stories with laughter and tears.

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66 thoughts on “Story of Time Episode 36

  1. 不要崇洋媚外,但也不必歧視外國人吧


  2. [YT] >>>>>>所以拍雄是誰的兒子?

    以前有提到, 拍雄(伯維)出生後,戶政機關弄錯拍雄名字, 馮媽趕去換時, 得到麻疹發燒生病之類, 那時才燒壞頭的…………以前馮媽ok啦

  3. [YT] Finally, I have been waiting for this one…they exchanged that look when they said did she inherit the gene of liking a gangster…that was like 15 episodes ago….remember?

  4. [YT] 應該不是旅館那一次吧…

  5. [YT] 36集開頭不久,當一美問到”我到底是不是妳親生的啦”.從孫爸孫媽臉上劇變的表情,加上懸疑的背景音效,暗示者一美大概不是孫媽親生的.

  6. [YT] 光劇常常先有不引人注意的伏筆在先,來鋪陳後來意想不到的驚訝及結果.

  7. [YT] 看来我是太纯洁了…可是感觉很奇怪,那个年代的人对于性关系不会这么随便吧?这么设计当然增加了故事情节,可是也很损害人物的设计。特别是前面把复邦设计成一个没有心计、朴实纯朴的大男孩,在恋爱中表现得那么害羞,为了一个吻就激动得不得了。结果最后和要分手的女友来一夜情…不知道他以前表现出来的纯朴、责任感都跑到哪里去了?

  8. [YT] the girl who is going to after fubang is kinda cute tho…:P

    actually it might be a good ending for both qianqian and fubang…i mean at least neither of them need to worry so much about money anymore….

  9. [YT] this setup of this drama is 50’s or 60’s..which mean that everything like copulation or sexual intercourse will be very subtle to imply in the drama. In addition, I believe that Chian Chian would devote her virgin to Fu Bong as to trade off their break up for memorizing this puppy love. Isn’t it an old belief??? I just feel like this drama from some standpoint is very Americanized, esp the director handling each major lead’s relationship~~~>never give love a second try/chance!!!

  10. [YT] Are you really a fan of Time Story…..Didn’t you remember the night Fu Bong escaped from the Military Cadet School to see Chian Chian and he spent a night with Chian Chian in the motel before rushing back to the Cadet School. After that, Chian Chian changed to be a pub vocal, didn’t you aware that she had been having nausea????

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