Startling by Each Step Episode 35 The End

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Zhang Xiao, a contemporary, ethnically Han Chinese young woman from the 21st century, accidentally travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty period during the reign of Kangxi Emperor after experiencing a deadly combination of traffic collision and electrocution, resulting her somehow reliving the life of one of her previous incarnations and forcing her to assumes the identity belongs to her past avatar: Maertai Rexi, teenage daughter of a Manchu nobleman, who also had a near-fatal incident in her own time which Zhang awakes from.

Being stranded in the past, in the body of a centuries earlier incarnation of herself, and believe by many of Maertai’s family and friends that the sudden change of her behavior and memory loss is resulted of her head injury, Zhang Xiao awares that there will be a dangerous power struggle known to history between the scheming princes for the throne, which will results Aisin-Gioro Yinzhen to succeed as the Yongzheng Emperor after his father’s death. Zhang Xiao tries to change the future outcomes for the better, hoping to prevents any casualty as written in the future without interfering a man’s destiny, while trying to find a way to return to her time period. However, Zhang ultimately realizes that, not only she fails to alter the course of the approaching events, but also, under a predestination paradox, she is fated to become an instigator of the tragedy she tries to prevent resulted by her actions in the past and the princess’ romantic affections towards her.

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245 thoughts on “Startling by Each Step Episode 35 The End

  1. I know right I was so touching even though that’s my second timewatchin it. The ended was so sad. Can’t wait til part 2 come out

  2. Though in this show there are many handsome princes and many beautiful ladies in this show, I found that 4th is the most charming one though he is short and skin condition not so good. On the other end ruoxi is a rare beauty. Her beauty is ….. No words to describe. In conclusion , ruoxi beauty is from inside that flows out, very capturing.

  3. It’s so touching. Imagine 4th love towards ruoxi even when ruoxi is married to 14th. The 4th wanted to know everything about the woman that he love. From beginning until the end the 4th loves no one except ruoxi. Well, ruoxi you are very blessed that the 4th loves you so deeply. In my opinion, I believe that the olden days man will not love a woman that much especially when they have so many wives and concubines.
    4th is full of jealously. He don’t even allow anyone to mention that ruoxi belong to 14th.

  4. Hello , may i know what is the titile of the song played when the episode is ending ? so damn nice <3 I love this show , forever and always . BBJX , great job 🙂

  5. I`m the only one finding a meanging in the paint of all the royal family gathering peacefully and her wore a hair pin from 4th and the bracelet from 8th that he forgave her?

  6. 最令人崩溃的两句话:


  7. From the beginning to the end, 13th is the most impartial prince, he spoke up for those he believed to be right regardless of whose side they were on, that is impressive!


  8. I dont understand how she came back to future life??  I know that her life in the present is not important at all…. but it would be nice to know what happen to her body all this time she was in the past???  

  9. I think this is a better translation. Sorry about the previous one. It is really too lousy. =_=

    Dear Fourth Prince 

    Life seemed like a dream when we looked back. 
    All the wrongs and rights, graces and resentments had
    dissipated through time.
    Those who cannot let go of “them” are the stubborn
    ones who wouldn’t want to give up.

    When one written “he wanted it” vaguely,
    he already hold the key to my heart.
    When he throws his umbrella away and standby with
    me suffering in the rain, I opened my heart to him totally.
    When he used his back to protect me from the arrow, I
    cannot forget about it for my lifetime.
    Everything happened after that only sunk me deeper.

    After all the words I’ve wrote in this letter, would you still want to ask
    me about 8th Prince?

    Anger grew from Love, Hate
    grew from Love, Love grew out Long-lasting (silliness), From love grew out the constant
    missing thoughts. All the anger, hate and long lasting missing thoughts become affection
    thoughts bit by bit.

    I wonder if you are still resenting me, hating me, angry with me, mad at
    me now.

    Ruoxi’s heart is not filled with the emperor, it
    only contained one person: 4th Prince who stolen my soul during the
    cold windy night, when with the moonlight when I practice my words under the Wisteria frame.

    (we) Missed each other, (we) Wished to looked at
    each other but (we) don’t wished to be near each other.

    Fickle with love (little affection) in turn due to a lot of love is
    draining and painful. (Actually if I translate to English, it will mean: 曲曲柔肠碎:the curly intestines will be crushed. Like wth

    Words on papers do not
    express explicit enough. Meet you somewhere hidden in 14th house
    again. Will be waiting for you every day until I see you again.


  10. maybe i’ll translate the poem again. I think there’s just too much errors in this translation. But then again, it’s quite emo for me to watch and read that part again. 🙁

  11. OMG I loved this drama so much. This has to be THE BEST drama I watched in my life. I have to say it was better than any kdrama,Taiwan dramas. I don’t think hzgg can even compare to this. I loved the ending soo much. Most dramas quickly wrap things up like they don’t want to film anymore but this one ends it so perfectly. I already watched this a couple of times and I still cannot let go of it. Just by reading the comments it reminds me of the drama and I started crying once again.

  12. 十四不錯,但是我的心始終是向著四爺的….
    其實跟若曦一樣… 那怕十四有多好,她的魂魄已經被四爺一人拿走,而四爺的心也跟著若曦死掉。

    • 最後一集看幾次哭幾次

  13. It would have been epic if the Yongzheng from the modern era gave her a handkerchief with his favourite flower (Mu lan) embroidered on it.

    Extreme melancholy T-T, but a five star drama!!!

  14. I can not understand why writer torture herself like this, writing all about our unhealthy mental state Royal family.  I have to admit our Royal Dynasties all made to torture people and most of result all done by jealousy.

    But I loved the show and cast members.

  15. 十誡詩












  16. 愛恨對錯,人生如夢——讀《步步驚心》


    沒有 應該被遺忘的






    步步驚心, 讓人心痛的文字
    步步驚心, 一步一驚心愛也驚心, 恨也驚心

  17. 有情皆孽,無情太苦, 步步驚心,  步步為營!
    相思卻離殤,深憂日盈積, 還若不相見,徒勞一生戀!
    人生一夢,白雲蒼狗,錯錯對對,恩恩怨怨,終不過日月無聲,水過無痕. 是非成敗,不若你驚鴻一瞥,萬里山河,抵不過你指尖話涼紅袖扶香. 人性百態,凝固而成皇城下一個個淺淡的剪影,物是人非,滄桑繾繾綣的華年,卻步步驚心. 命途卻成為他人手中的籌碼,愛恨,一切一切,終不過輕風吹散,往事如煙. 最終該有的,那些情深,若曦的執著與善良….
    行至水窮處, 坐看雲起時.願得一心人, 白首不相離.


    初見驚心, 不如多讀幾遍.


    回首驀然, 也許是再也找不著了…


  18. 不只導演會導戲、演員極其用心,鏡頭的運用也很到位。

  19. 曾经爱得刻骨铭心,今世他却忘了一切~ 难道真的要最好不相见、如此便可不相恋,最好不相知、如此便可不相思吗?

  20. 嘆, 看完了!但我還沒辦法走出來,這部戲很感人,結局也合理,儘管有些(書中)劇情沒演出來,可是比起其它連續劇,我對《步步驚心》很滿意,很感動又感謝!沒有白白浪費我追劇的心!沒有白白為劇中人物流眼淚!唐人公司的誠意,演員的真心和用心,劇組和工作人員的辛苦和心血讓我特別感動!我想說: “大家辛苦了!” 我其實不太愛看清朝的戲,我看古裝或武俠都盡量看秦漢唐宋明的戲,大家別打我喔!我先聲明:大家都是華夏子孫,中華民族的一份子,無關政治觀念和少數民族意識,我只是看到滿清的髮型我就傷心,但這都是歷史了。無奈滿清皇朝是中國最後的封建皇朝,歷史資料最多最完善的,所以我看清朝的戲只關心劇情和“有沒有趣。”之前有個好友和我就在討論到底是誰毀了華夏文化?滿清?毛澤東?文化大革命?都有責任吧!中國人真正的文化精神是什麼?沒有文化的民族和國家就沒有靈魂! ”華夏“ 是指 “純漢人” 而已嗎?也不對,因為五千年以來漢人一直有跟其他民族聯姻!只能無奈的解說成中國歷史上每個朝代都有盛世和腐敗,都對華夏有共獻也都有催毀華夏文明的無良心的漢奸和腦殘的獨裁者!

    最近又看到兩岸三地的人民不停的吵鬧, 政治圈也罷,連演藝圈也是!本人感到很傷心!我是美國華裔,父母是台灣的外省人,爺爺奶奶外公外婆都是浙江省寧波人,是隨著國民黨來台灣的!政治人物只關心他們自家的利益和權利,人民不該被牽著鼻子走!台灣和大陸對我來說都是手心手背,都有很深固的感情!我的眼裡只有正和邪,對與錯,是與非,只要是有利於老百姓的政策,不管是藍,綠,紅;不管是國民黨,民進黨,共產社會主義黨, 只要在進步,在盡力改善民生和讓教育和司法獨立,我就強烈支持!這就是在為百姓和未來子孫造福, 讓人民站起來,民富國強!別拿美國或歐洲來當榜樣,世界上沒有完善的製度,只有”適合“ 的製度!管好份內(自己)的事就好了!
    所以,台灣,大陸,香港,和來自五湖四海的炎黃子孫:拋開不同的政治關念因為那只會浪費時間。我們應該要向前看, 華人一直是以”文化和經濟“ 來往和被牢牢鎖在一起的!台灣和大陸都有腦袋清楚和文明的人,但不幸的是,也有無理取鬧的人!請盡量互相理解和包容好嗎?台灣和香港的朋友:”中共“ 非以前的”中共“ 也有人認為台灣才是華夏文化的精神支柱喔!繁體的漢字才是正統和美麗的!繁體的漢字能看出漢文化的靈魂!中國有在盡力了!要收拾毛澤東的爛攤子和養活十三(十四)億人口並非容易的事, 是一件大工程呀!誰都沒想到中國會改革開放,經濟起飛!讓時間和文化和經濟來淡化之間的仇恨和不滿。好嗎?可以嗎?有話大家好好說嘛!

    • 坦白講,你不懂台灣人的心結與心傷,文化和國家是兩回事,兩邊更有不同的集體記憶,這些記憶在台灣也不只是本省人有的,只是看你的背景…想來你是…當初比較富裕與接近權力的外省人之後,我覺得中國是很有趣的國家(本劇就很有趣XD),經濟交流也不錯,我也不會去否認我身為漢人,但一中國政府的野蠻六十載未有進步,二中國(人)從未想過好好了解台灣人的心(不要忘了是誰想統一誰,請別和我說這些沒什麼了不起,或是台灣對中國的了解),兩方歷史之於我,已分道揚鑣.另,這與本劇無關(只是我見你說話竟然也忍不住了XDD)
      希望重播的時候結局不一樣啦!!!!!!!這最後幾集簡直是根刺哽在我心裡似的…好久沒有愛情劇讓我這麼沉迷,悲傷又感動的一蹋糊塗.我以為我不喜歡強勢的男人,可是四爺讓人不陷下去也難. 嗚喔…三吋天堂也超好聽的,整天在我腦裡繞,繞了我又想起劇情…難過死了;__;

  21. i have to pause the drama every few minutes especially at the front part of this episode to make sure i wont be suffocated by my own tears.

  22. one the nicest dramas i have watched since Xin Huan Zhu GeGe… i must say that all these actors and actresses have touched my heart in some way, and it’s really something to be applauded.. i wonder if they will have a sequel to this drama?

  23. 泪流满面呀。。。
    RX is lucky to be loved by all the princes, except 9 of course…if they only had better health system back then..

  24. Where/website is everyone going to watch the tv version this week so we see if the ending is different? Leaked vs the alternate ending..

  25. Why starting from ep 29 the videos are divided into 3 parts for each episodes? Is there any way it could change to a whole ep of 48 minutes instead of 15 mins for each part, which total up to a whole 48 minutes? Thank you 🙂

  26. I think I actually prefer the novel’s ending than the TV series – she just dies and stays in the Qing Dynasty.  Can you imagine coming back to the 21st century after living about 15+ years- a whole life- in another century? Also, your last thought is the man you loved never forgave you.  You’ll need an awful lot of therapy…

      • A curse to believe the one you loved held a grudge against you, so strong that he didn’t even come to say farewell when RX died…no wonder she didn’t dare to say a word and decided to let go of him at the museum. 

    • ur comment just made me more sad, but its so true tho. i just get really sad when i thought of that they cant let each other know how they really feel anymore, i bet the rest of RX’s life is going to be miserable 🙁

  27. Omg I can’t stop crying on the last few ep, why they make it so sad)= especially the last ep when ruoxi saw 4 ah ge and he said, “have we meet before.”

  28. Such a sad ending…we they could be together. It makes me what to cry to see them parting. They should do a happy ending like Jade Palace Lock Heart.

  29. This is the best series I’d watched in a long time …. and I had watched many from all different countries …. damned, now having withdrawal symptoms …… can’t find anything nice to watch now 🙁 

  30. How come I got the feeling it’s the Prince 13th’s idea to send 8th & 9th princes th poison just because he wanted them to cease the pain of being infringed…..rather than from RX

  31. Nicholas successfully interpreted the role with excellent performance.  He did express well with impressive facial and emotional performance…Kept repeating watching 5 times of the ending for his acting… appealing and impressing……

    • Haizz – perhaps the new sequel will start with R’Xi in tears looking at the modern 4Age. Then walk a few exhibition booths and saw a relic/poem that 4Age wrote describing himself missing her and forgiving her and that if there is really a LAI ZHI (next life) – if she sees him, please dont ignore him… lets start again …… ahahhhhhhh that would be just perfect for the miserable us who long for good ending for this couple! 

  32. this is truly a great drama! was hesitate to watch it in the beginning but finished everything in 3 days… i’m so glad i’ve watched such an awesome drama!! hopefully one day someone really invent a time machine, i wanna go back to the qing dynasty to see what’s it all about.. i think all the actors did a great job!!!! esp nicky wu.. if u see him in the happy camp program, he’s like a totally different person.. his real personality is so 活泼,unlike 四爷… so i think he really did a great job!

    • Totally agree. He’s a great actor, no big actions to prove whatsoever but audience will naturally play along with his ups and downs emotions, just because he acted with all his heart.

      一個這麼用心的演員自然就會牽伴著觀眾的心Of course an award for recognition of his, but he’s already won hearts of all 🙂 用心的演員自然就會牽伴著觀眾的心Of course an award for recognition of his, but he’s already won hearts of all 🙂

    • basically, the letter is about RX requested the emperor to come and see her before she died.  Besides, she summarized how she met the him, how he impressed her to let her fall in love with him…..and their relationship turned sour 

        • Here you go. I watched that part again. I hope I din’t translate it wrongly.

          Dear Fourth Prince 

          Life seemed like a dream. 
          Trails of all the wrongs & rights and all graces and resentments cannot be seen anymore.
          Those who cannot throw these trails away are only those who wanted to remember them.

          When the person could say “he wanted it”, he already hold the key to my heart.
          When the person throw his umbrella away and suffered with me in the rain, I opened my heart to him totally.
          When he protected me from the arrow using his back, I cannot forget this incident in my lifetime.
          Everything that happened afterwards ,it only sinks(pushed) me (towards his affections) further.

          After all the words I’ve wrote in this letter, would you still ask about 8th Prince?
          From love to anger, from love to hate, from love to silliness, from love to thinking (of him).
          Eversince (we) seperate our paths, … anger, hate, silliness and thinking (of him) makes me more and more missing this person.
          I wonder if you still resent me, Hate me, angery with me, mad at me?

          When I practice the words under the tree during the windy cold nights when there’s moon, 
          My heart is not filled with the emperor, Only the 4th prince who stolen my soul.

          (I) Wanted to see you and look at you, But (I) don’t want to be near you.
          those with little love/affection would drained out those who ‘love’ more till (he/I) experience pain no more.
          Words on papers are not explicit enough, Hope to see you again. (I’ll) wait for you everyday.


          • Thank you so much for translating. My Chinese is quite limited too, I only understood bits and pieces but now reading your translation, I want to cry again. Why couldn’t they just meet before she died. It’s so sad for her to die with the believe he didn’t forgive her and it’s even sadder for him to suffer the grief and regret of making her believe he doesn’t love her anymore….

  33. 作者简介 This is the link which you can find the online novel of Startling by Each Step and a modified version of Startling by Each Step written by 玉朵朵

  34. here is the link for the contemperorary version of Startling by Each Step

    Is it real cos the modernized looks from each actor/actress are merged from their old clips especially Annie’s (from her role called Summer)    ??? 

  35. 在眾多男演員裡, 鄭嘉穎和袁弘演的最好



    btw, 吳奇隆好像需要好一點的遮瑕膏

      • did we watch the same show?  I can’t stop crying when #4 was crying, I can feel the pain that he felt in his heart, not much actor could make you feel the pain that your heart ache for him. great novel and very good show, esp #4 !

        • 其實我也覺得吳奇隆,太讓我驚喜了! 他以前可是偶像明星耶,也不知道是我沒在關注他,還是她這幾年,演了很多戲!? 一個人,可以演出這麼兩極的個性,在”快樂大本營”上是這麼活潑超話多的人! 看完這齣,覺得花了我2個月的時間看的98集,真的是…..囧到無話說!   “上海唐人电影制作有限公司”…..超讚!!! 可以去看看胡歌&林依晨主演的射雕英雄傳

          • totally agree! “上海唐人电影制作有限公司” is a great company. their drama production are great and excellent. except one thing.. they always want to use dubbers, just like all of their actors and actresses couldn’t speak mandarin.. 

    • 吳奇隆(四爺的內心戲)演得最好,他曾對若曦說過,不想要別人猜透妳的內心事,就不要在臉上顯露出來。最後四爺對若曦的情感是最令人動容的,這也是讓人留最多淚的地方。內心戲本來就不好演,不是用誇張的表情就可演好的。他有太多的無奈及痛心。這部戲裡的雍正是較冷藏自己的一面和對若曦的多情一面。

    • I personally think Nicky Wu acted exceptionally well in this drama. When he cried, I had to cry, too. I think one could feel every emotion of him. It was very well done. But the same thing goes for Kevin Cheng too. I think he was a very great 8th prince. When it was needed he looked full of schemes, but then with RX I think I melted, too, watching the way he looked at her. He showed such tenderness in his eyes and ffll of warmth. As for Lin Gengxin, I guess for a newcomer not bad, besides his character is not that hard to act I guess, he was quite a straightforward character and his emotions were always allowed to be shown on his face.As for Yuan Hong, he was a goof 13th prince, but I got to say there were some scenes which I personally think have some room for improvements. Basically I think the 3 main characters, that includes Nicky, Kevin and Liu Shi Shi were the best in their roles.

  36. 悲剧就是把先前美好的都破坏掉,而好的悲剧就是用最美的方式破坏,若曦死的好美,我听到巧慧哭我就跟著哭了。

  37. RX didn’t say that she wanted to kill Prince 9th and 8th by letting them consume the poison?!!!!!  Was that the emperor’s idea????

  38. Wow… I’ve been rewatching the last scene so many times and it’s always so touching when the modern RX and 4th Prince see each other in again in the museum… *tear*…

    Anyone else notice that the museum is practically empty??? Considering everywhere in china is always busy and bustling with people, this has got to be the emptiest museum in the country (or even the world) or only super special VIP guests can enter… Guess the scene would have been funny if the two main characters met/saw each other again with lots of random people/old aunties, uncles and families crowded around…. lol…

  39. Loved this drama to no end.. And I’m happy to say that the ending was really touching and quite decent. But it’d have been so much better if the 4th prince actually had a brief flashback or memory of RuoXi instead of just asking if they knew each other. But still, <3!

  40. I’ve never liked shows with stories of ancient times and actors in ancient costumes… but this is exceptional! Loved everything about it! 1000000x thumbs up! 

  41. i can’t stop thinking about this now. i really wish bubu has a second series to continue the love between RX and the modern ‘king’. although wuqilong doesnt reckonize her anymore but i am so looking forward to seeing him ask the modern RX out since she gave him such an impression as she was crying when she saw him…


    I HAVE TO SAY THIS IS THE PERFECT ENDING. sad but beautiful.

  42. 我的眼淚沒有停過 哭的好慘 謝謝版主努力的貼上來 看完結局 大哭一場很痛快
    就算來生相見了 他還是沒有認出若曦出來

  43. I cried like no tomorrow for the last few episodes especially when RX died in 14th Prince ‘s arms. So touching! 🙁

    I think this ending is so much more realistic than the one in GONG. no offense, i like this story more.

  44. omg the last two episodes made me cry so much ;( my heart was aching when I saw the ending scene where rouxi is looking at the guy that looks like 4th prince with tears in her eyes . I love this drama and it is  definitely worth seeing. I really like how they portrayed rouxi and 4th prince’s love line in the drama. This drama truly touched my heart and now that it ended I feel this sadness inside me =/ How I wish there’s a part two !!!

  45. What a bittersweet ending!!!….
    RX going back to present day and meeting the reincarnation of the 4th prince must be so hard for her…
    She died thinking the 4th prince did not forgive her and hated her… Also, as she lay dying, when the 14th prince asked her if she would remember him in her next life, she replied that she would wish to forget everyone and for him (and everyone) to forget her…. (something about asking the fates to let her to drink the ‘memory’ water as to completely forget everything in her next life)

    So, I can imagine when she saw the 4th prince again in present day, she would not be the first to go talk to him as she had wished for everyone to forget everything… I was hoping the reincarnation of the 4th prince would have a small memory or flashback of RX when he saw her and make a move, like ask her for coffee or something, but he just walked away!!! I guess we can just imagine that RX chases after him but not sure….

    wow… I’m really over analyzing the last scene… lol… But a perfect ending for a perfect story. =)

    • I cant help but agree with your analysis esp after replaying the part she took down her specs so that his image is blurry when leaving as if to prevent herself from lookin and wantin to go to him… and the verses that comes in the end implying that is best they not met not known not loved..
      … but i really bothered by stories in which lovers are separated due to misunderstanding… if only she knew he forgave her…

  46. I never cried like this before for a drama, and to think of that it’s 5.30 am where I live now….but I just couldn’t stop. I think it’s great that it’s not a definite ending, although I am a bit sad that he just walked out on her lke that in the end. I wished they would have just stopped when she saw him and that’s it. It would hve made me happier, it would have given more room for everyone to think of an happy ending if they want. Like this, it looks more like that they probably won’t see each other again….but well there is hop, so I carry my hopes now for a happy ending, although I like this ending but still, thinking that they will reunite maes it better for me to go to sleep now….Anyway, it was one of the best dramas I watched, it was so touching.

  47. I love the ending BUT –

    The only problem I have with the ending of the novel is the fact that rouxi doesn’t know 4th is still love her and it is all a misunderstanding that he doesn’t come before her dead, rouxi died believing that 4th have forget her

    I wish the tv series would make the modern rouxi some how know that 4th did come after her dead and he doesn’t forget her by some form of diary or history artifact when rouxi do research on her computer in the last scene, this would make rouxi feel way better and I wish that the modern 4th would remember her and they continue their love story, it feels not right for rouxi to start with the modern 4th if he doesn’t remember anything, then it is not the 4th that she fall in love in the past, this just be a person with a similar face in the modern time

    • I totally agree with you. It was too cruel to let Ruoxi think 4th doesn’t love her anymore. They should have made a way to let her know that he loves her.

  48. so touching!!! i’ve been crying a lot for the last few episodes.. i wonder whether RX will be able to be with 4 ah ge in even though she’s back to the modern world or not.. I LOVE IT!!!

  49. omg I cried T_T
    TEARS FLOWING NONSTOP, my heart hurts x[
    but i love the last part (the ending)…I love the way they made it…
    so this is a sad drama…

  50. The 1st novel’s ending is way too tragic…Part 2 to 5 of the novels carry more hope..

    at least they reunite briefly and had a son..
    Shi San Ye reunites with Lue Fu who was saved by Si ye’s men…
    Cheng Huan also found her Prince Charming in the form of Min Min’s son…

    We have enough tragedies and things that doesn’t make sense in real life….don’t you wish for more hope and beautiful endings in reel life ?

  51. this is quite a decent ending..hardly anything different from the book with the exception of ruoxi going back to the future. But she will be so lonely..only left with her memories and still having to continue with lift after having lived 20 turbulent years in the past.
    Actually in the book, ruoxi’s timetravel origins are hardly mentioned by other characters. i like how ruoxi’s timetravel origins are introduced in the drama as an abstract and comforting  concept akin to going to heaven after death.

    • startling by each step is not a series. tonghua (the author of startling by each step) only published the one and only book. The ending in 2nd and 3rd novel u refer to are written by a different person and thus not part of the official/original story, as created by Tonghua.

    • can you tell me where to get the 2nd and 3rd novel… how do they reunite? had a son? I have read the 1st book many time, but the ending is too depressing; I need something to cheer me up

      but I have to admit that the ending is beautiful, it tied up the story nicely

  52. its sad how everyone is accusing each other of Ruo xi’s death.. basically everyone is fighting over who gets to keep her… she’s lucky so many a ge cared for her but also sad that she couldnt be with the one she wanted to fall in love with

  53. I love the ending in the novel, but this one is so perfect. I got to give them credit for not making it a happy ending, like gong, it will just ruin the whole thing, but love this ending!!!

  54. The ending is very touching and i’ve been weeping since ep 33 till the end…..Now I understand why she left her and married Prince 14th…..cos she was dying and intend to end her life without bothering the king…..

    • no no. he is just scared that people might misunderstood the letter because she have the same handwriting as 4th prince which will result the letter is not received by the emperor.

      • She had the same handwriting as the 4th Prince cause she took over his habits. 4th loved calligraphy..

        I feel like bawling again

    • I guess not, he just walked up to her and asked, “Do we know each other?”, and tried to dig up some tissue, but no luck, so he walked away.

  55. i’m glad they didn’t had a happy ending after all and respected the original ending the author had. Although the author didn’t write the part on the present days but she did gave an idea of what happen to everyone in the end up till yong zheng’s death. If this show was a happy ending, the director’s effort to make the show real is all wasted. It was a sad but best ending. 

  56. sad ending but at least she gets to return to the future. But if I were in her shoes, it must be difficult reconciling with carrying on in present day times especially after having lived and known such heartbreaking love during her 20 years span in qing dynasty . To have known such love and friends and then realise you are the only survivor – everyone she knew can only now live on in her memories.

    • Yep, that must be difficult for her. Because she really lived there for a long long time.
      If I were in her shoes, I wished I wouldn’t remember a thing from the past.

  57. 刘诗诗后半部分演的还是不错的, 看得有点入戏.

    前半部演活泼性格的实在是我们看得累, 她演得也累.

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