Startling by Each Step Episode 33

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Zhang Xiao, a contemporary, ethnically Han Chinese young woman from the 21st century, accidentally travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty period during the reign of Kangxi Emperor after experiencing a deadly combination of traffic collision and electrocution, resulting her somehow reliving the life of one of her previous incarnations and forcing her to assumes the identity belongs to her past avatar: Maertai Rexi, teenage daughter of a Manchu nobleman, who also had a near-fatal incident in her own time which Zhang awakes from.

Being stranded in the past, in the body of a centuries earlier incarnation of herself, and believe by many of Maertai’s family and friends that the sudden change of her behavior and memory loss is resulted of her head injury, Zhang Xiao awares that there will be a dangerous power struggle known to history between the scheming princes for the throne, which will results Aisin-Gioro Yinzhen to succeed as the Yongzheng Emperor after his father’s death. Zhang Xiao tries to change the future outcomes for the better, hoping to prevents any casualty as written in the future without interfering a man’s destiny, while trying to find a way to return to her time period. However, Zhang ultimately realizes that, not only she fails to alter the course of the approaching events, but also, under a predestination paradox, she is fated to become an instigator of the tragedy she tries to prevent resulted by her actions in the past and the princess’ romantic affections towards her.

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54 thoughts on “Startling by Each Step Episode 33

  1. 四爺坦白與若曦的那一段情

  2. actually 4th prince and rx had done right and wrong. for 4th prince, he had suffered heartbreak and distress frm his mum’s distrust to him, and 13th prince 10 yrs of imprisonment, rx suffering in the washing dept so on. but he did go quite extreme when he started killing the ppl close to rx, like the servants eunuch lee, yu tan, (though they did wrong 4th may try to lighten punishment instd of killing them). 

    for rx, she tried to protect the ppl close to her, the other princes and her friends (yu tan, so on). but sometimes she was too cold to the 4th, and 4th did nt understand how she felt when he used extreme measures on her friends. 

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  5. Yes Rx might be wrong to say that to 4 cause it hurts him but cause his Hate to all the rest is causing her suffer and alot of ppl to suffer hence she got no choice. it will not help but she still need to do something to try and safe even though we know all that she do is useless as no one can change history but at that point she couldn’t bother so much only can try….
    She wan to go to 14 cause after all this yr of fear she is in cause of the man she love, she jus wan to get out of it….
    for the man she love, she is willing to go against the previous king and end up suffer for a few yrs washing clothes but the man she love become so extreme, so scary till she cant cope with it anymore that is why she wanna escape.
    When 4 get hurts she feel hurt too. but there is too much things not within her control.
    Love but need to be part is the hardest thing to do.

  6. The 4th prince is such an selfish ass. He has lots of women, and rx have to accept that with no complaints. But rx used to have someone she loved, and he can’t take it. Egotistic pig.

    •  that’s because he thought rx still likes 8th prince. that’s why she will do so much for him. but 8th prince did not tell 4th how he and rx broke off too so as to let 4th give up totally on rx. not 4th fault to be jealous actually.

  7. I honestly feel that the person to suffer the most throughout this drama was 4th prince. He was framed by the 8th prince for doing something he didn’t do, watched his only friend 13th prince go to jail. Then he then had to give up his lover, plot to become emperor just to save them and nothing goes well for him after becoming emperor. His mother hates him, his lover causes more trouble for him.. she ends up leaving him. Everyone hates him or fears him, the people he loves hurts him. I feel so bad for him. His life sucks!

  8. personally i think 8th brother told the emperor evreything TO MAKE HIM SAD. not to help RX or whatever.

    RX is being too unfair to the emperor, whatever he does, she didn appreciate, she blamed him for being too harsh on everyone. But when the 8th brother hurt the emperor so much, she still sided him. She was being understanding and put herself in his shoes. Why doesnt she ever do it for the emperor?


  9. Ruo Xi knew that she’s the one who caused all the havoc to the king.. yet at the end she just wanted to leave him and escaped to prince 14.. i dont like her already man.. super selfish..

    • thats cos Ruo Xi cannot accept the fact that the King is killing all the people she cares about…i don’t think anyone would be able to marry a man that killed their friends. 

  10. Poor 4!! It’s knife all around him! 1st we have RX hurting him unknowingly. Then, 13 who accidentally stabbed him. Lastly, the final blow from 8. Omgness!! How can anyone endure so much emotional distress coming almost all at once?? My heart goes out to Number 4! My tears just keep flowing at the scene where 4 watched RX leaving the palace.

  11. 夢一場, 步步驚心, 步步傷心, 若為愛情故, 二者皆可拋, 一步一驚心

    我們不在年少, 我們亦做不到相忘於江湖

    步步乃毒藥, 燈火闌珊處, 我能遇見誰


     人生一夢,白雲蒼狗. 錯錯對對,恩恩怨怨,終不過日月無聲、水過無痕. 所難棄者,一點痴念而已!

    相見何如不見時, 佳音報好秋


    從喜生憂患,從喜生怖畏;離喜無憂患,何處有怖畏?從愛生憂患,從愛生怖畏;離愛無憂患,何處有怖畏?是故莫愛著,愛別離為苦! 若無愛與憎,彼即無羈縛!若曦的孤獨,若曦的無奈,從開始就已註定,試圖改變,可是與自己的理想越來越遠,更加愈走愈遠,心的痛,也越來越深….

  12. 呃.. 我果然是八爺派 -__- 我看雍正跟若曦感情戲的時候一點感覺都沒有, 但是當她跑回去抱八阿哥時我眼淚就飆出來了 >< 

    有可能是鄭嘉穎演戲好, 又可能是吳奇隆演太爛了, 傳達不了內心的感情掙扎給觀眾 :/

    • 我倒是个四爷派的。 我基本上看到若曦和八爷的戏份的时候,我都快进。所以他们之间发生了什么,我都不懂, 也根本没兴趣。有可能是郑嘉颖演戏烂,又可能是吴奇隆演的太好了, 完全把心里面想的都表达出来了。 果然是个好戏之人。

    • 我覺的四爺八爺都好~ 每一段都看~ 有可能是四爺的角色本是演冷漠之人~ 所比表情看起來沒表情~ 但八爺的文柔很容易感動人~ 四爺是內殮 八爺是外放  各有千秋

  13. I think it’s unfair to say that RX doesn’t love 4th enough. It’s not that RX doesn’t love 4th enough, it’s just that she cannot turn her conscience off just for love.  Nor can she ignore the sufferings of her closest friends.  These are the people that she has grown up with, laugh and cry with.  Also, these are also the people that always tried to rescue her whenever she’s in danger.  How can she just be “whatever” when she knows that they are in torment because of the man that she loved? Love is not everything.  All those wives that decided to stay and support their husbands are not wrong, but I bet they would be suffering just as much as RX if the people that their husbands killed were their loved ones. Honestly, most of these wives of royalty wouldn’t dare leave even if they wanted to – because where would they go?  They are completely dependent on the husband for everything. RX is not like that.  It’s because she loves the 4th prince too much which is why she can’t bear to see him like this. She would rather leave him and save what’s left of their feelings for each other than stay and eventually hate each other. 4th is not wrong, but neither is she. Their love is just tragic – doom from the start.

  14. i dont like 八阿哥. y must he say out all those things to hurt 四阿哥. 四阿哥 is like that today because of all the things he went through. The’s mum resentment towards him, her biasness against him, 13th prince’s 10 yrs of suffer, RX’s health. All he wanted to do was to protect all those he love.

  15. what i am really puzzled is that RX knew the ending of everyone. she knew 4 was going to do all these with or without her. apparantly she was unable to change histroy and her attemps were disastrous. but did she really think she can change what 4 did to his brothers? even if her knowledge only covered to the extent that she expected 4 to start two years later instead of instantly but that does not change all thier fates

    she knew everything and that was why she was so afraid of 4 and careful not too tread on him. but when she chose 4 over 14 when the emepror gave her the chance to leave, she already made the decision and everything is reversible. and i can not but hate her for that. if she didnt know anything, i would spare her, but she knew the ending and still decided to choose 4, then she should be able to accept the outcome. at the end of the day i dont think she necessarily did anything wrong. but however villainous 4 might be to other, he never did anything  to RX on purpose. and she still can not appareciate it and accept the reality. then she shouldnt have chose this path. she was given the chance not to. at least if she married 14, she didnt have to stand by 4 and watch him do everything.

    but i suppose you can not measure love. thus RX did everything to follow her heart. and in the end she chose friendship over love. and that is really not a bad thing, but the corollary damage is huge, the stakes were high and the pain and sufferings are already irreversible even though she never meant for anything to happen. but from 4 point of view, he really loved the wrong girl. he gave her everything, but she cant and wont. it would spared us audience a lot of pain if all the guys in the drama use their brain and conscience and be grateful to the women who stood behind them throughout everything unconditionally with no regrets.

    • your point of view makes sense, but although she knew the outcome for everyone except yu tan and the eunuch, she wasn’t aware that she was THE cause of everything…if she knew, i bet she would have chosen 14th for sure

    • 再怎麼濃烈的愛一旦染上了鮮血, 而且是你身邊每一個人的鮮血,總是會變質的
      畢竟你如何面對一個口口聲聲說愛你的人, 轉過身又對每個和你情同手足的人痛下殺手
      午夜夢迴, 難道不會覺得不寒而慄嗎?


      已經是爭鬥的勝利者, 又為何不能得饒人處且饒人呢

      所以她寧可遠離京城, 在回憶中與君纏綿吧~

    • I think one of the reasons why you are puzzled with ruoxi’s love towards 4 is because I think you forgotten Ruoxi’s soul is from the 21st century who happened to be those untraditional who women take control of their own life or even controlling her man. It is pretty clear in the first epsiode as you see, she dint even let her boyfriend to explain his counter with his cousin. :/

      I think she never really thought that she can actually change the history. All she wanted is all the people she cared about would be at least safe or not died tragically. Even though she know about the future, she cannot forget the fact that the 8th clique is the people who happened to be her friends when she just traveled to this era.

      The reasons why she is scared of 4th because she know everyone’s ending but it is only the Princes’ endings. She does not know her ending and all the other minor people who served the king because there’s no history about such minor characters. Does she know Yutan will die tragically? No. So how can she be so sure that any person who she cared about is not one of the spies? She also wouldn’t know whether 4th will do a decision that history would not be recorded, still no. Because king has the absolute power to actually remove part of the details during his reign.

      She did not accept kangxi’s idea of marrying her off to 14 as much as she wanted to, (the stutter part, yea see) because she fell deeply in love with 4th already. I mean, she is born in that era, she would jump over the moon because she is going to marry good man anyway. But because she is from our modern era, she chose to followe her heart. Plus how would she know her ending with 4th? She might not live till 4th become king, right?

      In 4th point of view, I dont think he fall in love with the wrong girl. She is the only woman he can only relaxed and feel comfy with because Ruoxi does not want any power or she does not have any political implications to go along with. Even if she is from 8th’s family, he also know that she can’t possibly help 8th in any way because 8th is the one fighting with him for the throne. &he knows she love and uds him how important the throne is for me (which partly because she know the history.. Sadly yes) so the more she won’t do Anything to shake his position.

      And also, in tha point of time, man is everything to a woman. So, man tends to take woman for granted before they know their importance.

  16. 四阿哥有点小气,佐鹰都能包容敏敏了,为毛你不能?若曦的清白不也给了你吗?初吻也是你的。你就不能包容体谅一点吗?

      • it’s really reciprocal. i always hope they would be together but following the dram until then i really thought they should have broke it off when 4 decided to give up. their love was strong but their understanding was awful. they dont know each, and they can not be entirely empathetic. thus it is such a tragedy for them to fall in love and end up hurting each other so much. seriously watching all the other wives in the drama, they all stood by their men till the end, RX didnt do anything wrong. but i feel she did not love 4 enough so she can not empathize with everything he did. no one did anything wrong. it is such a tragedy because i think everyone really did what their heart tells them to do, and no one made any decision without using their brain. they made the decision that they thought would be best. I feel since 4 became empire, RX and his relatioship started to change and become a lethal weapon between them.

        what makes me puzzled is in the first part of this drama they seemed to really know each, know what they wanted and can be empathetic. but reaching the end, they dont seem to understnad each other at all. everything 4 did was for RX but those are not what she wanted and it just ended up backfiring. and everything RX did till the end was pretty harsh, she didnt cared wounding 4 at all.

        • i think its not that rx dont love 4th enough, its just that for her, love is not blind, she loves him but not to the point to ignore her conscience.
          it’s easier for the other women of this show because their husband didn’t kill anyone whereas 4th, after becoming emperor,
          moreover, if i realize that all these death were caused by me, i think i would choose to leave too

      • He did it on purpose to help Ruo Xi leave the palace …. she didn’t want to stay there anymore. I never liked the 8th but I think after doing that he earned some brownie points with me. But seriously though … I personally would not want anyone to do that just so I can leave! JEEZ

  17. I love the end of this episode! The farewell from 8th and 13th was touching. Only when there is farewell, we remember how much we experienced together in the past.

    • I love what 13 said at the end of the farewell 🙂

      I LOVE 8! I agree what w wu said: i truely think a lot of ppl love her, but 8 loves her most
      cuz he never does anything to hurt her even to benefit himself

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