Startling by Each Step Episode 29

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Zhang Xiao, a contemporary, ethnically Han Chinese young woman from the 21st century, accidentally travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty period during the reign of Kangxi Emperor after experiencing a deadly combination of traffic collision and electrocution, resulting her somehow reliving the life of one of her previous incarnations and forcing her to assumes the identity belongs to her past avatar: Maertai Rexi, teenage daughter of a Manchu nobleman, who also had a near-fatal incident in her own time which Zhang awakes from.

Being stranded in the past, in the body of a centuries earlier incarnation of herself, and believe by many of Maertai’s family and friends that the sudden change of her behavior and memory loss is resulted of her head injury, Zhang Xiao awares that there will be a dangerous power struggle known to history between the scheming princes for the throne, which will results Aisin-Gioro Yinzhen to succeed as the Yongzheng Emperor after his father’s death. Zhang Xiao tries to change the future outcomes for the better, hoping to prevents any casualty as written in the future without interfering a man’s destiny, while trying to find a way to return to her time period. However, Zhang ultimately realizes that, not only she fails to alter the course of the approaching events, but also, under a predestination paradox, she is fated to become an instigator of the tragedy she tries to prevent resulted by her actions in the past and the princess’ romantic affections towards her.

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39 thoughts on “Startling by Each Step Episode 29

  1. “我心里只有一个儿子,你不是我儿子,出去。。。。” 我要是有这种妈,我肯定跟她从此断绝关系。晕~

  2. ruoxi seriously isnt wise enough, she had lived in the palace for so many yrs, yet sometimes she still was too rash and did nt think carefully how her actions will affect the others she care for. 

  3. what the hell is roxi’s problem here!! why would she care and torture herself for 18th prince!! so retarded!!!! so not worth it..and what the hell is she thinking!! eish…

  4. rx is so irritating in this episode.  she always looks like a slapped puppy and she puts too much pressure on herself and the emperor. stop being so freaking noble for once.  this is how things are in the palace. i don’t have anything against noble people but they aren’t very entertaining to watch.

    • She just merely hopes to get away from the palace as the 14th prince promised her that as long as she is willing to give up, he is willing to help her to get away. Her true love will always be the 4th Prince and no one else. =D

  5. What happens in the last scene ?? 🙁 i dont understand chinese so well so i dont really get whats happening 🙁 someone please help me…

    • the doctor says that the reason for his arm pain is because of his sleeping posture. Most likely something pressing against his arm (aka her head) They both look at Ruo Xi and laugh and she walks away embarrassed.

  6. 怎麼越是看到後面, 越是受不了若曦那種極拗又極為矛盾的性子呢? 覺得她做事越來越沒分寸了!
    之前還好像一副對八爺絕情絕義的樣子, 現在又餘情未了般, 究竟想怎樣?
    拖泥帶水, 磨磨蹭蹭的真不痛快! 不知道原著的若曦是不是這個樣子的…

    • 沒辦法誰叫若曦是從八爺府出來的

  7. 既然此劇強調忠於歷史,但若曦只是現代人,為何干涉朝廷的事呢?而且覺得她管的事也太多了點。非常離譜。大家還是多讀點真正的歷史才好。

  8. can’t stand the mother at all. not because 4th prince stole the 14th prince’s throne, she is just pure biased. she never see 4th prince as her son right from the start. When 4th prince and 14th prince are with her, all she does is talk and smile to the 14th prince and ignore the 4th princes totally. How hurtful is this to her son? And it is just all because 4th prince was with another concubine after he was born and only returned to her much later unlike the 14th prince.

    • 这个剧里没演而已..以为四阿哥从小不是在她身边长大的,是被皇后领走养的.十四阿哥是在他妈身边长大的.所以就亲近了被

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