Startling by Each Step Episode 25

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Zhang Xiao, a contemporary, ethnically Han Chinese young woman from the 21st century, accidentally travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty period during the reign of Kangxi Emperor after experiencing a deadly combination of traffic collision and electrocution, resulting her somehow reliving the life of one of her previous incarnations and forcing her to assumes the identity belongs to her past avatar: Maertai Rexi, teenage daughter of a Manchu nobleman, who also had a near-fatal incident in her own time which Zhang awakes from.

Being stranded in the past, in the body of a centuries earlier incarnation of herself, and believe by many of Maertai’s family and friends that the sudden change of her behavior and memory loss is resulted of her head injury, Zhang Xiao awares that there will be a dangerous power struggle known to history between the scheming princes for the throne, which will results Aisin-Gioro Yinzhen to succeed as the Yongzheng Emperor after his father’s death. Zhang Xiao tries to change the future outcomes for the better, hoping to prevents any casualty as written in the future without interfering a man’s destiny, while trying to find a way to return to her time period. However, Zhang ultimately realizes that, not only she fails to alter the course of the approaching events, but also, under a predestination paradox, she is fated to become an instigator of the tragedy she tries to prevent resulted by her actions in the past and the princess’ romantic affections towards her.

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66 thoughts on “Startling by Each Step Episode 25

  1. I love episode 25. The 4th prince looked so cool, cute, proud and powerful, with some meanness.
    His eyes talk a lot!

    It’s my first seeing Nicky Wu. He is doing such a wonderful performance. I become a very good fan of his.

  2. Random question but you know the 8 character verse that 4th prince said to Ruo Xi way back in the beginning and then later on she practices it on paper too? What does it mean? I’ve been wondering for longest time so someone please tell me!

    • This is for all of them, so the new Emperor can block the news and place his army and his people to the “good” position (esp against the 14th Prince and 8th Prince). Basically to use the time to consoliderate his positions as you know he should not get the throne.

  3. come to think about it, if 4th and 14th are just as good, 4th should be the one. DONT FORGET 8th, 9th, 10th, and 14th played a trick on 4th before, and sacrificed 13th. IF NOT, the emperor would not even lose trust on the 4th for a few years.

  4. 看不懂~~~是假傳嗎~~而且為什麼若希變姑姑了???
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  7. 若羲一直都穿平底鞋, 怎麼突然之間穿起高跟鞋?而且有點不明白。是皇帝駕崩後老四把在場的人都居禁嗎?用意在哪裡?而且關了十天而已怎麼好像若羲跟玉壇和王公公都過了好久都沒見面?

  8. 雍正繼位後,整頓國政,像貪腐,行政,稅制,土地等。國庫變得充裕。他已經把一個乾淨的國政傳給乾隆皇帝。但乾隆在晚年又搞亂了。


  9. 历史上, 其实雍正被说篡位,主要是因为他树敌太多, 搞得那些有仇的,在民间造谣生事, 然后被人写在稗官野史中. 其实雍正接皇位是名正言顺. 真真正正好皇帝. 每天工作满档, 睡觉只有4个小时, 当了皇帝之后只多出很少几个几个小孩而已. 康熙做事太松, 导致后期贪官横行, 他留下一副烂摊子给雍正. 雍正在13年内让国库多出了好几倍. 然后留下一副好摊子给乾隆, 其实乾隆这代加上后面几代全靠雍正的13年内打拼,

  10. I feel bad for the 4th because of his mother. She’s so not taking his side. Even though it’s her son she treats him like a stranger/foe. As much as she loves the 14th, she should at least show some affection towards the 4th too…

    Oh well, actually I quite like the 14th myself. Just too bad, that Ruo Xi has not fallen for him.

    • 一朝皇帝死後.所有人的階位名號以及朝廷年號都要改.並且會根據年齡招新人入宮.放舊人出宮.所以若曦理所當然變成了姑姑.

  11. omg the chinese much too complex to understand! so the late king wanted to pass the throne to 14 and 4th claimed the throne for himself, is that right?

      • I found difficulty in understanding too :'(

        Did he made any justifications to why he decided to pass it to 4th prince instead of 14th? What were his exact last words he spoke before he passed away? I thought he mentioned 4th prince? Why was Rou Xi being locked up for 7 days?

          • 這集讓我鬱悶許久,權利鬥爭誰輸誰贏不到最後沒人知曉,四阿哥反敗為勝所用的手段極為高明及全面(先撇開歷史不談單以此劇來說),雖然我並不苟同他的做法,但他能忍人之不能忍實為欽佩。

      • 不过历史上 研究认为康熙把皇位传给老四的占大多数. 因为当时 老四和十四差不多, 但是十四那时候在边关, 如果传给十四 他不再朝中, 朝中必然天下大乱, 康熙肯定不希望这样的事发生, 就传给老四了.

          • Historically, there is very little evidence to support the theory that 4 usurped his brother’s throne. Most likely that is just rumours circulated by his opponents at the time.

            But in the novel, and in this drama 4 does take his brother’s throne, cos things are more interesting/tragic that way.

        • 还有就是 最后时刻, 康熙给老四的心腹 年羹尧和隆科多紫禁城的兵权, 明摆着就是要让他们以后保证老四当皇帝. 不然如果是其他人当皇帝, 必然是让其他人的心腹来当.

        • 其实最可靠的说法是清朝传位诏书是一份汉字一份满文的,说雍正篡改十四阿哥的十改成于只在汉字诏书有效,满文的话就行不通的。所以说历史上雍正应该是名副其实的皇帝。

          • “十”改为”于”也是不对的, 请看我上面几楼上传的圣旨原样. 第一, 古代用”於”,而沒有”于”这个字. 第二, 名讳都用”雍亲王皇四子”,而不单单用”四子”

        • 或者有可能是康熙的本意是傳給十四, 所以才召他回宮. 無奈十四還沒回來之前康熙就不行了, 所以就傳給4了. but in the end nobody but 4th knows what really happened…

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