Startling by Each Step Episode 21

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Zhang Xiao, a contemporary, ethnically Han Chinese young woman from the 21st century, accidentally travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty period during the reign of Kangxi Emperor after experiencing a deadly combination of traffic collision and electrocution, resulting her somehow reliving the life of one of her previous incarnations and forcing her to assumes the identity belongs to her past avatar: Maertai Rexi, teenage daughter of a Manchu nobleman, who also had a near-fatal incident in her own time which Zhang awakes from.

Being stranded in the past, in the body of a centuries earlier incarnation of herself, and believe by many of Maertai’s family and friends that the sudden change of her behavior and memory loss is resulted of her head injury, Zhang Xiao awares that there will be a dangerous power struggle known to history between the scheming princes for the throne, which will results Aisin-Gioro Yinzhen to succeed as the Yongzheng Emperor after his father’s death. Zhang Xiao tries to change the future outcomes for the better, hoping to prevents any casualty as written in the future without interfering a man’s destiny, while trying to find a way to return to her time period. However, Zhang ultimately realizes that, not only she fails to alter the course of the approaching events, but also, under a predestination paradox, she is fated to become an instigator of the tragedy she tries to prevent resulted by her actions in the past and the princess’ romantic affections towards her.

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44 thoughts on “Startling by Each Step Episode 21

  1. This show is great but 4th prince and ruoxi didint get together till the end cause of some misunderstanding. I hope that there will be a part 2 where in the modern world they get a happy ending.

  2. I don’t understand much of Mandarin, but what was the doctor saying to Ruoxi about her illness that got 10th and 14th looking worried?

  3. In the novel, si ye never married ruo xi! 
    Even in Part 2 of the novel, after ruo xi ‘died’ and later returns to the Qing Dynasty with a new ‘face’ and reunites with si ye (Emperor Yong Zheng)…Furthermore, she was romantically involved with si ye’s 4th son,the Hong Li (the future Emperor Qian Long).. very interesting plot line… read the novel online..

      • try searching online, it’s in a lot of website but all in chinese.  But I don’t like the continuation of the novel, the plot became too convoluted and YongZheng seems a bit weak to me in the continuation.  This series is based on the 2nd version of the novel which do not contained the continuation. 

    • *SPOILER ALERT* for those who want to read the second novel!!!

      I think in the continuation of bu bu.. she does marry si ye (yong zheng) because she was embraced with the title of lan gui fei after having the baby… I think that does count as getting married

    • probably because he was already suspected of having greedy thoughts become king (hence why the 13th prince became the scapegoat), so since ruo xi has linkages with the Mongolian (?) princess and is well-loved by the emperor, if the 4th prince asked for her hand in marriage, the emperor and everyone else would have their suspicions confirmed that he only wants her in order to have more power.  even if he does love her wholeheartedly and not for powers’ sake or whatnot, ppl’s suspicions would only be fueled even further if he asked to marry her.

  4. I love this drama. And Liu sisi’s acting skills are superb. Especially during the scene with the fourth prince. Her face even grew red from crying uncontrollably 

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