Startling by Each Step Episode 18

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Zhang Xiao, a contemporary, ethnically Han Chinese young woman from the 21st century, accidentally travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty period during the reign of Kangxi Emperor after experiencing a deadly combination of traffic collision and electrocution, resulting her somehow reliving the life of one of her previous incarnations and forcing her to assumes the identity belongs to her past avatar: Maertai Rexi, teenage daughter of a Manchu nobleman, who also had a near-fatal incident in her own time which Zhang awakes from.

Being stranded in the past, in the body of a centuries earlier incarnation of herself, and believe by many of Maertai’s family and friends that the sudden change of her behavior and memory loss is resulted of her head injury, Zhang Xiao awares that there will be a dangerous power struggle known to history between the scheming princes for the throne, which will results Aisin-Gioro Yinzhen to succeed as the Yongzheng Emperor after his father’s death. Zhang Xiao tries to change the future outcomes for the better, hoping to prevents any casualty as written in the future without interfering a man’s destiny, while trying to find a way to return to her time period. However, Zhang ultimately realizes that, not only she fails to alter the course of the approaching events, but also, under a predestination paradox, she is fated to become an instigator of the tragedy she tries to prevent resulted by her actions in the past and the princess’ romantic affections towards her.

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50 thoughts on “Startling by Each Step Episode 18

  1. i think at first ruo xi really loves 8th,,,but its only teenager love her idol.

    who doesn’t love 8th prince! he is warm,,,nice,,,handsome,,manly,,gentle,,and knows what woman wants!
    but ruo xi love only just like a fans! He can’t sacrifice her life,,,because she knews 8th future and don’t wanna had a tragic life!
    why ruo xi choose 4th ,, she knows 4th is powerfull ,, but why ruo xi choose punishement from the king because she reject marrying 14th,,,it’s because she had strong feelings for 4th!
    and after all ,, ruo xi could felt 4th strong feelings for her… ruo xi watched how 4th treated her and 13th so nice. at the end,,,ruo xi really in love with 4th…. cause every moment they had touched into ruo xi heart!
    ruo xi love for 4th is maturely love!

  2. I find it hard to even tie my hair into plaits, how do they tie it to be like that??? RXxthe 4th is awesome! 

  3. 若曦也太猛了啦

  4. I think RX’s choice reflects the real life. i know some people might wish that she marries 8th brother, personally i prefer the 4th. IF I were RX, bear in mind i ALREADY know that 8th brother is gonna have  a VERY bad ending, I don’t really think I can marry him, considering RX also doubted her love for the 8th brother more than once, its a combination of NO LOVE + REAL LIFE.

    Whats wrong with marrying the 4th brother? He is handsome, smart, nice to her, not evil, plus GOING TO BE THE KING.

    She didn’t want to choose either one at first because she thought she can get away WITHOUT marrying anyone, and now if she HAS to choose, of course not the crowned prince, not the other brothers because she already knew their ending, of course she wants to continue to live.

    Before you judge, put yourself in her position. What would you do if it was you? I would definitely choose the 4th brother, its not like she hates him also, shes beginning to like him.

    P.S, when 8th brother kissed her and taught her how to ride the horse, she was thinking of the 4th!

  5. At this point of the story, the main reason why RX broke up with 8 is because she is afraid of dying and she is unable to sacrifice her life for his love.   This is why when they broke up, she told him that she is not worthy of his love and that he should not continue to waste his time.  She approaches 4 in this episode and asks him to marry her, not because she loves him (although she is beginning to develop a crush on him), but mainly because she would rather marry someone like 4, who is nice to her, likes her and does not have a death sentence, than the crown prince.  RX’s love is not fickle.  She is left with little choice.  She treats 8 badly in this episode because he questions her love and she wants to make it very clear to him that they broke up because of his decision and that her love has nothing to do with him anymore. She’s moved on and that he should too.

  6. wow. so this girl is supposed to have some strong principles??
    shes goes running into the arms of the 4th princeand then breaking the heart of 8th prince? 
    all of this because she doesn’t wanna marry the crowned prince
    some principle shes got there -_-

  7. 作者桐華曾說過書中的男人們沒有一個是乾淨的!大家都個懷鬼胎,個有私心!我認為書中的女人也一樣!總之,沒有一個人是無辜乾淨的!男人為了權位,為了利益, 女人為了愛情,為了自己的男人,啥都做的出來!我倒認為這滿真實,因為人非聖賢,人不是神,人有七情六慾,慾望會讓人會做有利於自個兒的事!至少這能體現出古代宮廷的殘忍和無奈,而古代和現代的人也沒啥不一樣,雖然現在是法治社會但被施壓和欺負的也是窮人和好人呀!人生殘酷又美妙,是現實非童話!
    這部劇倒比一些只想著”偉大的愛情“ 的大媽大嬸的作品還強呢!

    • 對阿 這戲好看在主角們都不是一般偶像劇中老套的 ‘善良完美 每次女主無論起初多有個性 最後都成 完美的德利莎修女 無聊

  8. 我真看不出若曦何時喜歡上四爺的?  沒有戀愛的感覺呀!   看了十分古怪….

    漸漸不喜歡女主角了,  再這樣下去 她與現代  一心想嫁入豪門 無關愛情的拜金女 有何不同呢?

    • that’s different. if your ambition is become a trophy wife, even if you fail to marry a rich guy you wont have the potential ending of dying. yet, the case here is she doesnt have that much autonomy to decide her marriage. that depends on the emperor. if she doesnt quickly make up her mind and just marry someone tolerable, who knows what might happen in the future? the emperor might marry her off to some other random guy.
      and i get it that she is not willing to choose a guy in the beginning. after all she is from the modern world. and remember her age right now is around 22 or 23, and not that many people nowadays would want to marry this early and have kids. not to mention ready to deal with co-wives. the idea of havingthe deal with other women in the household and no chance of divorce is pretty scary.

  9. 我不覺得若希有什麼不對. 她一來到古代, 就因為知道歷史而處處小心, 所以一直對四阿哥很戒備, 畢竟她是八爺府的. 發現姐姐跟優秀的八爺並無感情, 八爺又跟她示好, 所以就有了感情. 但是就像她自己說的, 也許是愛得不夠? 當知道八爺注定的結局, 她寧願自保, 也不要看著他悲慘的下場… 這是若希的選擇, 為什麼這樣不對? 難道你愛上一個有問題的人 (例如: 欠債) 真的能夠義無反顧幫他到底? 有時候就算愛, 也必須考慮到現實啊… 畢竟在擇偶時, 大部分的人還是會考慮到現實問題, 何況若希就是個現代人… 愛得不夠, 確定無法不論貴賤都跟他在一起, 就選擇分手, 也算是誠實面對自己還有對方啊, 有什麼錯???. 結束了跟八阿哥的感情以後, 才開始漸漸喜歡四阿哥

    • 她在麼多個王子當中周旋….感覺不是很好. 皇上也真是的..如果宮內鬥爭得那麼厲害..早就該換個不接觸這些搶著要接王位人選的女侍..是情會單純得多

    • 哈哈,在現代無論男人女人很多都是這樣子的,若曦畢竟是現代人,這樣子想就覺得。。。正常多了。我從頭看到現在都沒覺得若曦是一個天真浪漫單純無邪的古代人

      • 我也同意,我也覺得她想太多了,為甚麼就不能單純的愛一回,明知道她無法改變歷史,為甚麼不能放下一切,好好去愛一場?

          •  可是她選的路都不是最順的路,到最後還把自己的身體都搞壞了。

  10. this is annoying. how can ruoxi be so fickle? i don’t understand how she managed to fall so deeply in love with her brother in law only to ask another man to marry her. 
    tbh, it seems like she just wants to marry the right man with a future, aka the future emperor.
    the way i see it, ruoxi didn’t refuse eighth prince because he refused to give up his pursuit for power, it was just an excuse.
    she was foolish enough to get romantically involved with her brother in law but not foolish enough to marry a man regardless of his sorry fate in the future.

    •  that’s what i was thinking too. if she really loved her brother in law then she wouldn’t care how long she had with him. she also kept on saying she would rather die than get married to someone the king chose for her, but why doesn’t she just marry her brother in law then.. if she doesn’t fear dying. i don’t see a spark with her and the fourth prince like she had with the eighth prince. He did so much for her and she just coldly rejected him, its messed up!

      • you should keep watching, you will notice that she love the 4th prince more. I read the book and from the book, she love the 4th prince more, and what she have with the 8th is like not love. and btw, i don’t think that 8 love her  that much either. cuz she is definitely not as important as becoming the king. 

        • I thought I noticed she fell in love with 4th prince from the very start but was afraid of him cos she is fully aware he’s status in the future. She has been watching and evaluating 4th prince since the day they met. I felt that her feelings for 8th prince was just a crush. At the beginning, it looked like more of admiration towards 8th prince.

          • do you know when she asked 4th prince to marry her. Cause when the 4th prince said that I was really surprised.  

    • 覺得不是現實因素吧。如果有讀過原著的話﹐就明白她對8爺的感覺其實是有點基於同情但又帶點膽淡的感情﹐亦想阻止他的悲結局。 其實那段情已經過去了。。。

    • The important thing is that Ruoxi has never forgotten her true identity as Zhang Xiao, and deep down she’s still looking for a way to return to her proper time. She knows she doesn’t belong here, and she can’t afford to die when there’s still hope that there might be a way for her to live and return to the present.
      People say Ruoxi shouldn’t care about her possible end w/ the 8th prince and just be with him out of love. And likewise, if the 8th prince really loved her and would do anything for her, he should at least be able to consider giving up the crown to be with her, right..? 

    • why i like this drama is that it’s so real, I know your point, but at the same time i appreciate that the writer didn’t make this another ‘fairy tale’ story line. because we just get too much of those. don’t you think? If she is so like ok I fall in love with him so i don’t care what the hell is gonna happen, I m just gonna be with him. It will just make this another typical love drama. And let’s not forget that she lived in the 21st century before and she know the real world and that she must survive. So she must do everything to keep herself alive. this is more close to reality, i guess, because if i were her i will do the same thing. 

    • I do think she is realistic, but then again isn’t 8th like that too? Why should he give up everything he has achieved so far for one girl, even if it means she is his true love. The same goes for her, why should she go a path that she knows she will die just to be with the one she loves. She is from the 21st century, an independent woman, she wouldn’t want to do that. And he is a prince, he has to be kind of egoistic and craving for the throne.
      Though I gotta say, I am rather surprised why she asked 4th to marry her. Because up till now, I don’t see any real sparkles between them, I don’t really see her loving him but more like scared that something similar to the crown prince’s case will happen in the future and she rather get married with a man she is quite fond of??? And as to why she doesn’t marry 8th (although she seems to love him) to prevent someone else asking for her hand, I guess, it’s just that she already rejected 8th and considering all the things that has happened between them, it’s hard to make it undone, there will always be this awkwardness, because he coudn’t give up the throne for her and she also know she couldn’t be with him in life and death.

    • i don’t think she reject 8th solely because she is afraid of dieing. she knows from history that the 8th prince is the most scheming in terms of trying to get to the throne. and 4th prince will eventually become the king. i think she was moved by the 8th prince’s care of her and she did love him and wanted to see if she can change history and his character but she realized she couldn’t. it isn’t that she didn’t love the 8th prince but i think she knows he will eventually harm his own brothers to try to get to the throne and knows she can’t continue to love a man like that. she really does care for the whole family.. and 13th brother even warned her not to be too protective of everyone.. eventually she does love the 4th prince because although he is ambitious he will always be honest with her. i hope his character continues to be upright and will not harm his brothers purposely to get to the throne himself. 

    • She’s realistic but there’s nothing wrong with that, at least she’s being honest about her feelings.

      I think she was attracted to the 4th prince right from the start, without realising that. She kept a distance and be wary of him due to his reputation and what she knew about him from history. Should she know nothing about history and met both guys at the same time, i think she’ll still love the 4th prince.
      She fell for 8th prince because he’s been wooing her for YEARS, it’s normal for girls to be touched after all his cares for her and return the love. But it’s reciprocal love and ultimately, it’s not enough for her to fully commit herself to him.

      So does him. He is a guy with great talent and ambition. He won’t let it go for love. Both her and 8th prince are realisitc people.

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