My Queen Episode 13

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What will happen when Shan Wu Shuang, a 33 year old beautiful, hardworking yet single woman, meets Lucas, a 25 year old romantic and handsome regular worker? There is an 8 year age difference – what kind of story would then be created? A story that will let us laugh and let us cry. I’m not defeated! I’m the Queen!What will happen when Shan Wu Shuang, a 33 year old beautiful, hardworking yet single woman, meets Lucas, a 25 year old romantic and handsome regular worker? There is an 8 year age difference – what kind of story would then be created? A story that will let us laugh and let us cry. I’m not defeated! I’m the Queen!

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428 thoughts on “My Queen Episode 13

  1. [YT] thats why…can guys dont be so ai mei?? it makes ppl fall in love to u…but u dun like her..u’re just playing with her..

    this will make the girl feel seriously upset..

  2. [YT] 其實也不能怪佳佳,,雖然我不太喜歡她

  3. [YT] notice all the girls that has been unloved loved to confess when something bad happends to her . gosh , that old scenes ,
    i dont like her , if my sister is going out with this man when she past by , i will never asked the man out , i mean , HE should be the only memory of your sis , not asking him out due to your sis ,,,,,wierd….

  4. [YT] love can not be measure by just the well fit situation of it ,
    it is a gift from god to find our half.not every couple fits that well together , but thats when the chemical come out .
    leslie is well fit and better then lucas doesnt mean he should be loved , it is pointless to force someone to love him anyway ,,

  5. [YT] eh, han jia jia is really a pitiful girl lah, i emna first her sis die and she got bullied by that snob in us now this …MAN, all she want is just some love. i know she is the rival of wu shuang but that tt doesn;t mean she is not gd. she really stand up for lucas

  6. [YT] my dad is older than my mum by 12 years old. They’re stil a loving couple until now.. And I’m here bcuz of them.. So age is definitely not an issue for a relationship..

  7. [YT] Jiajia did not do anything bad to anyone…
    she is just trying to find the one in her life who will love her….she sacrificed a lot….
    I don’t think she deserves any of this…

  8. [YT] I know im mean but i think she kind of deserves it . I still prefer the time when lucas and wushuang are together, things get funny and things go wrong . Plus, they make a really cute couple . Ps, i also dont like it when jiajia says ‘jiejie’ this ‘jiejie’ that . Its irritating leh D:

  9. [YT] 好像片尾曲的歌詞中的說「看電影 到結局總是配角的錯」

  10. [YT] Shop keeper isnt giving him a lecture because she dressed like that. Shop keeper is giving him a lecture because she did so much for him and he doesnt even “know”. It has nothing to do with her dressing in whatever way.

  11. [YT] LOL she was so cute to go ‘unpack’ her stuff the moment she realised he was back…and man….it’s so obvious she cares so much for him….the last part was like a lovers’ spite!

  12. [YT] she’s so mean….. Leslie is kinda poor……
    I feel so sad 🙁 does anyyone feel as sad?
    and stop mention about the last 6 years, becase there are more years to come and the years before the 6 years were great between Leslie and Wushuang as well! so stop talking about the freakin 6 years!

  13. [YT] wow…. silence……………..
    that’s really scary…..
    WuShuang is so dumb….
    she should so choose Leslie man.
    he shouldve kiss her on the lips!!!!
    Leslie!! the lips!!! u missed them!

  14. [YT] pretty sure she can kick, i mean, it;s not like she’s paralyzed or anything like that.
    and im pretty sure wushuang will end up with lucas. AND, what kind of the cop will say things like “she was trying to protect this motorbike, almost got ripped!”
    this is crap man! hate jiajia.

  15. [YT] leslie is better for wushuang.
    he understand weshuang and did lots for her, too.
    altho lucas did lots as well, but seriously. Leslie in everyway is better for her than Lucas.

  16. [YT] 是個人選擇啦


  17. [YT] 有人規定交往一定結婚嗎??


  18. [YT] 都過八點了哪還有親親豬五花啊xD

    牆上時間明明指著快晚上12點耶 HAHA
    而且我記得以前是牛五花耶 現在都改送豬五花了嗎? =)

  19. [YT] 韓佳佳的角色本來就偏年輕一點 我們21歲時可能曾像她以錯誤的方式想留下她愛的人 25歲時可能像卡斯這樣迷網過 到了32歲又六個月未婚也許就會變隻可愛的鱉也說不定 愛情裡沒有對錯吧..

  20. [YT] 佳佳是否是個好女孩大家看下去便知道….只能說大家的敏感度都很夠 雖然導演對她未來角色發展沒下太多扶筆..嘿嘿 一定要看下去喔!

  21. [YT] 盧卡斯這次表現就很成熟!!

  22. [YT] 我只能說,人在情緒上最好不要做決定

  23. [YT] 為什麼喜歡卡斯的只可以是無雙嗎?佳佳不可以嗎?作為一個女生﹐ 為喜歡的人由台北市忠孝東路一段走到台北市忠孝東路五段﹐大概是 五公里﹐走路的話要一個小時耶?你們說常常提到姐姐﹐那又怎麼樣 ?她不提姐姐﹐她還可以提起誰?她身邊的人根本就不多﹐最親的就 是姐姐﹐難道你要她在卡斯面前提卡斯嗎?佳佳還要是卡斯發現才表 白的﹐你們還要她怎樣?

  24. [YT] 我在說佳佳可憐的同時﹐沒有否認無雙可憐﹐可是我發現很多人在說 無雙可憐的時候﹐完全的否定佳佳﹐還給她很多無理的批評﹐根本就 是成見問題

  25. [YT] both xue zhang and wu shuang are already drifted apart… wu shuang if feeling uncomfortable and uneasy with xue zhang… thats sad, when she herself has not realise that….

    by the way, it is weird that lucas can hear the sound of water from the next door, but wu shuang & xue zhang can’t hear all his sreaming! lolls!

  26. [YT] how they incorporate the past in the dialogue was really good!! this makes the audience remember all those things that happened and grab back the support of those who likes leslie

  27. [YT] that last part is so fake!! she wasn’t even trying to take the note book from him before he finished reading it! and a scarf on motorcycle? thats freakin dangerous!!

  28. [YT] From the way I see it, Jia Jia was teetering on that kind of “love” when she consistently brought up her dead sister, as if she knew that was what her sister wished Lucas to do. I don’t think Jia Jia really understood her sister & her relationship with Lucas.

    But you’re right – she’s still learning. Afterall she’s new to the concept of love. Just some ppl are “better” at it & naturally more attuned to love than others. Sorry, but she’s not my type of heroine, though I tend to like sub leads.

  29. [YT] Lolz…you’re really defensive abt Jia Jia arent’ you? Or perhaps the kind of love she represents?

    Perhaps I’m too independent & head-strong, but imo, there IS “love” that is “wrong.” Not in that it shouldn’t exist, or someone can’t love another person, but how that love is given and whether it inflicts pain/anguish on that person & others around him/her. To me, a “love” that is built from others’ pain or inflicts pain on others, either physically and/or emotionally is a “wrong” love.

  30. [YT] i love it when lucas is so paranoid and jealous about whats happening in the other room between wu shan and senior it only shows how much lucas loves wu shan

  31. [YT] 我在說佳佳可憐的同時﹐沒有否認無雙可憐﹐可是我發現很多人在說無雙可憐的時候﹐完全的否定佳佳﹐還給她很多無理的批評﹐根本就是成見問題

  32. [YT] this part is really sad one…..first is JiaJia almost got raped….then was the part where WuShuang calling for Lucas…..both were when Lucas didn’t show up…..

  33. [YT] 大家一直說佳佳可憐,可是無雙就不可憐嗎??一直未有人懂她,一直等一個人等了6年!孤單了6年,33歲嫁不出去,被人說是敗犬不可憐嗎??

  34. [YT] 我覺得佳佳很天真很可愛 不懂為什麼一堆人覺得他心機很重
    我覺得佳佳很偉大 可以為愛情犧牲
    哈哈 如果卡斯能更根無雙也跟佳佳就好了

  35. [YT] gosh wu shuang and lucas are so cute.
    lucas so cute with his laugh in the elevator. i really love this drama.
    love wu shuang + lucas!

    gosh xue zheng has to come and ruin the moment…

    haha lucas so cute! he gets crazy jealous. but damn the wall is like super thin, can hear the other side…

  36. [YT] seriously, she always “uses” her sister whenever he seems to be interested in wu shuang but when its herself then its ok hes not doin anything wrong to her sis. shes just a twoface who acts innocent but is a totally selfish b****

  37. [YT] I think a lot of ppl would support Lucus cuz 學長 should’ve return and explain to 無雙 what happen 6 years ago, if he really love her instead of just accepting the returned ring without knowning what really happen~ i think that’s kinda coward

  38. [YT] 畢竟佳佳的姐姐是因為卡斯才出意外的
    各位去買盒”哈根達思” 冷靜一下吧!!

  39. [YT] 喜歡他沒有錯.愛一個人是沒有錯




  40. [YT] 可是佳佳喜歡卡斯有錯嗎?她哪裡不討好?假?不覺得?心機?誰沒有?那你說他不討好﹐你可以說出原因嗎?我也不是吵架的﹐只是看到很多亂批評佳佳的就覺得那些人很盧而已。難道你不再相信卡斯只喜歡無雙了嗎?可以喜歡卡斯的人不只是無雙一個吧?

  41. [YT] 我又不是想吵架



  42. [YT] 不是佳佳這個角色不討好﹐而是有人對她有成見﹐就是因為她喜歡卡斯﹐而你們覺得卡斯是無雙的﹐所以她不可以喜歡卡斯﹐就討厭她﹐但是我可以跟你們說﹐是你們有成見而已﹐而不是佳佳這個角色不討好

  43. [YT] “…我吃醋了….”


  44. [YT] GOSH her mind is stuck with the memories of 6 years ago n the different between her n lucas, 8 years. but really i think she enjoy being with lucas more than leslie

  45. [YT] i dont rly lyk jia jia this character…i dont know y but i just dont…. maybe its bcuz shes 2 girly – -” or is it bcuz shes da road block btween lucas and 無雙~

  46. [YT] 我觉得跟小不小应该关联不大。。

  47. [YT] ST176,我回复不了你的comment~大概是太多了吧~

  48. [YT] Oh, she is definitely stuck in the past. And even if she is on her way figuring it out, she’s still hung up on the whole 8 yr difference “problem” – it actually makes complete sense to me. Humans by nature are ambiguous & complicated & hypocritical. lolz…

  49. [YT] 警察的臺詞也有點好笑吧,什麽叫爲了保護一台機車,差點被性侵?難道在那種情況下她選擇放棄機車就沒事了嗎?這種事情沒人想要發生,沒有必要安排這種劇情去突出佳佳很偉大吧?

  50. [YT] She is learning, maybe slow, but she is learning. She loves Lucas, even JJ knew it. Yes, love is selfish, yes, love is blind, but this is love, if you love someone, you want to tell him. Jia Jia actually wasn’t sure that if she should tell him until him ask if she love him.

  51. [YT] Though I can understand Jia Jia’s attachment to Lucas – whether it’s b/c of his endearing care, connection with her sister, or purely cause he’s a handsome, sincere guy – I can not empathize. True, she says she doesn’t need him to love her, & that she only wants the freedom to love him, but seriously…it’s the pathetic tone & plea of her words that seems to negate everything she’s saying – she wants his love, it’s not as selfless like she’s trying to make it out to be.

  52. [YT] leslie can see that. that’s why he is so uncomfortable with lucas.
    lucas is also uncomfortable with leslie.

    both are good men who are rivals. they won’t be nice to each other.

  53. [YT] I can see it in her face that she doesn’t want to leaveor becomes a stranger to him. Sometimes, when love fades out, it is still hard to let go……

  54. [YT] 那我告訴你﹐為什麼佳佳喜歡卡斯﹐肯定不是因為卡斯是姐姐的影子。佳佳在美國一直都一個人﹐除了跟她姐姐在一起的時候。可是姐姐走了以後﹐她就一直都是一個人﹐她需要依靠﹐需要被在乎。剛好﹐卡斯給她的感覺就是她需要的依靠。佳佳也說過﹐卡斯是唯一除了姐姐以外在乎她的人﹐所以佳佳就不知不覺的喜歡上卡斯了。那也是個人意見啦﹐呵呵。。。

  55. [YT] 為什麼喜歡卡斯的只可以是無雙嗎?佳佳不可以嗎?作為一個女生﹐為喜歡的人由台北市忠孝東路一段走到台北市忠孝東路五段﹐大概是五公里﹐走路的話要一個小時耶?你們說常常提到姐姐﹐那又怎麼樣?她不提姐姐﹐她還可以提起誰?她身邊的人根本就不多﹐最親的就是姐姐﹐難道你要她在卡斯面前提卡斯嗎?佳佳還要是卡斯發現才表白的﹐你們還要她怎樣?

  56. [YT] well she’s still stuck in her mind like 6 years ago where she’s deeeeeeply in love with xue zhang. but now, lucas had shown her that she’s not in the past anymore. and she’s just realizing the fact that she loves lucas very slowly.

  57. [YT] you are right~

  58. [YT] just feel like the storyline doesn’t make sense anymore…..Why she waited for 6 years, now he’s back….she showed her passion for him jumping into the pool..but all in a sudden she turns around to Lucas……gosh…

  59. [YT] 就是﹐剛剛看到地圖﹐由台北市忠孝東路一段走到台北市忠孝東路五段﹐大概是五公里﹐走路的話要一個小時耶﹐還要推卡斯的機車﹐難怪那個老闆也看不過眼。

  60. [YT] Yes, but at least she should tell him that she has a feeling about him. At least from now on, she has nothing to be regret, at least she gave it a tried, and you know what? If you don’t try, the chances are zero, but if you try, there are still chances, even that maybe almost zero.

  61. [YT] Yes she has the right to love a person but it is meaningless and time wasting to stuck herself on a one-way street…..never be able to find any outlet…..wouldn’t it be silly….????? Besides, the love getting from sympathy would never last long…once the person wakes up from the dream and realized that he doesn’t love her anymore wouldn’t be more painful to each other….

  62. [YT] 其實愛一個人就是默默的付出也會感到一絲絲幸福….雖然知道不可能在一起但還是勇敢的付出…加加我挺你

  63. [YT] 你們隨便攻擊佳佳﹐我就是挺她到底﹐你們可以不喜歡她﹐但是我偏偏要挺她到底。假?不她只是因為卡斯問﹐才回答。佳佳喜歡卡斯﹐就表白﹐那是再正常不過的事情。

  64. [YT] 突然想到如果佳佳她媽媽知道自己另外一個女兒非要跟這個害死她大女兒的盧卡斯在一起,會怎么樣。。估計沒被大女兒的事情傷心死,也會被小女兒氣死的

  65. [YT] i love those 2. it shows that their relationship is so much deeper than just “love”. they are actually really good friends to start with and know each other’s needs and weaknesses. thats why they still can be comfortable with each other even after they had a falling out.

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