My Queen Episode 08

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What will happen when Shan Wu Shuang, a 33 year old beautiful, hardworking yet single woman, meets Lucas, a 25 year old romantic and handsome regular worker? There is an 8 year age difference – what kind of story would then be created? A story that will let us laugh and let us cry. I’m not defeated! I’m the Queen!What will happen when Shan Wu Shuang, a 33 year old beautiful, hardworking yet single woman, meets Lucas, a 25 year old romantic and handsome regular worker? There is an 8 year age difference – what kind of story would then be created? A story that will let us laugh and let us cry. I’m not defeated! I’m the Queen!

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318 thoughts on “My Queen Episode 08

  1. [YT] 盧卡斯跟那個唐三藏說話的那一段好好笑喔!而且最好笑的是,卡斯還說: 你這個王八蛋,你讓單無雙一個女生幫你裝怎片土..還裝雞屎(還講台語跟帶動作)超好笑的…

  2. [YT] god damn it why its nt ethan tell wushuang jiejie that its good to be a kid at times to cry n be good~ if its him hu say this i might burst into tears..

  3. [YT] gosh watch the part where wu shuang jiejie cry i teared too~! so sad becos of lucas she scarifise herself to get the formulae to the plant n get herself all smelly n dirty ):

  4. [YT] HAAAAA, wu shang’s ex has the nerve to come back and ask for wu shang to go back to him!?!?!?! wthhhhh, he’s the one who left her first without any reason… at least not any at the moment ^^’

  5. [YT] this is so weird… wu shang and the doctor were about to have sex… but they just met each other!?!!? once at the clinic or whatever, and then the restaurant, and now… even though she wants to ‘xiang qin’, having sex is too early for someone she practically just met!!!! at least i think so…

  6. [YT] both of them are wrong.

    She’s insecure and selfish because Lucas’s kindness (too much of it), she should’ve been more mature and perhaps talk about it with him
    But it’s also Lucas’s fault because he caused the insecurity in her, he should’ve known the boundaries with other chicks when he’s in a relationship

  7. [YT] 其實我覺得姊姊吃醋的很沒有那個點ㄟ..

  8. [YT] Oh so what is he suppose to do? Blind fold himself to teach that way with his hand guessing where the string is?? Gee, of course he would see the breast, the bimbo is wearing something that skimpy, you can see it from miles away. So unreasonable.

  9. [YT] 這很明顯是那個大胸的女人有問題阿 她可以自己綁卻要卡斯幫她綁 他幫她只是基於安全考量 但向云吃醋時他有跟大胸女說下次不要找他阿

  10. [YT] LOL!!! did you guys catch that joke Lucas said to that girl in White Dress?

    He called her fat!!!! LOL
    “Not only that, when I see you I can see Newton’s Law of attraction LOL”!!!!

  11. [YT] 老实说,向芸的死,她自己本身要负起责任吧!她自己知道自己身体不适合去冲浪.因为任性和面子就就不顾自身安全.卡斯不用太过于内疚和自责.

  12. [YT] 每個對過敏花不一樣~

  13. [YT] 其實很多其他可能啦..這里沒有交代清楚….很多花粉癥只是針對某一種花啊…可能她就是針對某一種花的花粉癥吧…..可能手環是遺物…所以醫院歸還給家人吧…?!很多可能啦其實…..

  14. [YT] Wushuang is indeed a strong woman!!! She was sooooooooo slim and skinny but she’s able to piggy such a big guy like Lucas…gosh!! wonder woman!

  15. [YT] although i haven’t watched later episodes to discover how wushuang & lucas eventually got together. but based on this clip… there really is many considerations a 33-year-old lady has to make in terms of ‘the other half’. she has to consider what ppl around her would think abt her having feelings for someone 8 years younger seems like a sin and not yet socially acceptable.

  16. [YT] i think understand why wushuang cried…when you’re faced with young ppl around u, u just have to work hard and set an example because that’s what ppl expect a more experienced person to be… and ppl forgot she’s just an average lady who needs love, concern & appreciation

  17. [YT] 等一下!這個根本是前後不一致嘛!她不是有花粉症嗎?怎麼一點反應也沒有?還有阿韓向雲死的時候盧卡斯不是撿到了手環,而佳佳說她只見過姊姊一次,那時她還活著,那佳佳怎麼可能有姊姊的手環呢?

  18. [YT] okay… you actually like her …. tell you what, i don’t care! plus did i write her name wrong, NO~! i believe at the end no one will like her anyway. o and wat do you mean by “she is doing what she THING she should be doing” ??????

  19. [YT] 你们都不觉得盧卡斯有问题吗? 他对每个女生都温柔体贴 谁会希望自己的男朋友对其他女生温柔啊 就算绑脚绳 你提醒叫那女生绑就好啦 不用亲自吧 我一直都觉得盧卡斯关心得太超过了 有时候让人误会也是种罪啊….

  20. [YT] wushuang在医生面前才能放下很憋得自己,把心理的话都跟他说,对人的防御也放下, 照理说, 医生才是能让她觉得安心和可靠的人….

  21. [YT] haha i thought tht doctor was a great guy but nvm!
    lol tht was so funni hw the guy was complaining bout hw she slapped him then he slaps him too!

  22. [YT] wait… watt?! i thought tht girls sister had the bracelet! hw could it have been floating by his foot? then she dies? hw did the sister get it then?

  23. [YT] 你们都不觉得盧卡斯有问题吗? 他对每个女生都温柔体贴 谁会希望自己的男朋友对其他女生温柔啊 就算绑脚绳 你提醒叫那女生绑就好啦 不用亲自吧 我一直都觉得盧卡斯关心得太超过了 有时候让人误会也是种罪啊….

  24. [YT] 看起來盧卡斯是感覺愧疚比較多,這種女朋友,如果順順交往下去的話大概不多久就要分手了吧。誰受得了她這麽多疑又任性?

  25. [YT] hello, did u see da episode where xiangyun gave jiajia da bracelet when they were chatting together in a bedroom? that’s why i find it ridiculous when da bracelet came floating around lucas’ feet in de end. cos da bracelet shld have been with jiajia by that time

  26. [YT] 沒有如果 doesn’t really sound like that Japanese song… maybe the beginning but sounds different at the end, i don’t get why people make such a big deal of it… …

  27. [YT] what sandratan26 refer to is actually thought that xiangyun gave HER bracelet to jiajia before she pass away? then how come when she drown, lucas found hers by washing up the shore? get it? it should be with jiajia already.

    the story is weird…

  28. [YT] he is not supposed to tie the thing so high up his leg wat. he should like it tie it lower , like nearer to wound. it wld prevent the blood from spreading even more.

  29. [YT] maybe he should know some general stuff cause i tink you major in like general medicine b4 majoring in gynecologist or smth like that??? MAYBE??

  30. [YT] well thats because you cant do CPR on a person’s chest if the person is fine. It is really dangerous. since its just acting, i dont think they would want to take the chance of hurting a person just to make the drama seem real

  31. [YT] 天燈 by 梁靜茹 (Fish Leong). if u want to have all the song tracks of this drama, all you have to do is get 梁靜茹’s latest album, 靜茹&情歌- 別再為他流淚, coz all the songs in this drama are in there.

  32. [YT] wow i love this drama even if i don’t understand it.
    I wonder how come some of the characters in here are same as in FATED TO LOVE YOU?
    Are they all artists from SETTV?
    Or Is this a package deal whenever Ethan has a new drama, they have to be there too?
    It would be nice of Ethan if he did make it as a package deal.
    Meaning those people get to work whenever he’s in a drama.
    He’s hot.
    But I love Cheryl Yang.
    I wish she makes more drama soon.

  33. [YT] the flower meaning is be dead & to rise from dead. i think lucas’s ex GF want to tell him to forget in de past wif her & give himself to start a new life again wif a ppl who he loves.. hope u get it 🙂

  34. [YT] i was wondering..
    before xiang yun passed away, she handed the bracelet to jia jia. so how did the bracelet got into lucas’ hands then?
    if so, how again did the bracelet end up with jia jia?


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