Meteor Garden Episode 20

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Shan Cai,whose parents are far from wealthy, attends Ying De University, the private school established exclusively for rich students. Besides being looked down by rich classmates, she has angered the leader of F4, Dao Ming Si. F4 comprises of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo, who are the heirs to the four richest families. Their families are the founder of the school and nobody dares to cross them. Shan Cai isn’t afraid to stand up to DMS, an act that nobody has done before, and sparks Dao Ming Si’s interest in her. However, his constant torture of her has made her miserable while she falls in love with the gentle Hua Ze Lei, who comes to her rescue. Can Dao Ming Si win her love despite his cold and cruel exterior? What happens when his mother decides to use every trick there is to keep them apart? Can they adjust to each other’s differences due to their vastly incompatible social status?

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206 thoughts on “Meteor Garden Episode 20

  1. When Yu Sao is talking to Shancai she explains that the old master is dead. But in earlier episode Si gets on a plane to New York to work alongside his father. These subtitles are confusing!

  2. [YT] He is really handsome specially when he smiles like that…what is his real name Domong Si and Shancai…she is a pretty doll. She looks like the Makino Tsukushi in Japan.

  3. [YT] “My heat is orn into pieces, I seem to have lost all the feelings, apart from the gnawing pain, I have no other feeling, all feelings have left me”.
    – Daoming si- ='(


  4. [YT] the f4s here and in d B.O.F. are a bit like same age when they did this drama:] but the f4 in bof are not so good looking like here..they all are. theres only bout 2 ppl dat ar good looking in BOF. and DMS barely hits women here..and when he does he has his reasons and he says sorry and takes really good care of em after 😛 and theyre only bein realistic:]

  5. [YT] I think the Korean version is better.The boys are younger but more refined which is apt as heirs to the biggest empires of their country.Their is a good tension between Ji Hoo & Jandi but when Jandi & Jun Pyo are together they have such chemistry the love is almost palpable even while fighting.I also think the fact that Si here has a habit of hitting women(several times)is disturbing.

  6. [YT] OMG I hate Shancai now. Her and her attitude. She doesnt know how to handle things in a better way than make is complicated. Love is about trust. You should tell ur partner everything. Goodness. So annoying. Always breaking his heart. I understand her feelings but still…she’s picking the wrong way to solve it ! Poor DaoMingSi ;[

  7. [YT] OMG!!!!!!sHe dOesNt haVe tO lie tO hiM!!!!Shancai aLwayS giVe Si a heArtbrEak!!!!aFter aLL wHat Si haS doNe tO heR..gEez!!!!iM sTarting tO haTe hEr!!!

  8. [YT] Augh…WHy do people always say that kissing is just a form of a greetin!??!! I Mean…i think it is in europe someplaces, but in some japanese mangas, they say it’s in america!!! I’ve never heard of it in america!!!

  9. [YT] Can i kill Sanchai? She’s getting into my nerves. why does she need to lie? will that complicate things more? I’m SO Upset on what she said. I’VE NEVER LOVED YOU. UGH. after all what dms have done to be with her. and he even risk his own life. and that’s what DMS get. pisssedddd. 😐

  10. [YT] “You Must stay in this family, I’ll protect you at all cost!”
    Whoooaa! Yu-sao is Very Good! Go! Granny. 😀
    “Journey of Love” as what she calls it. LOL. =))

    And, I love it when Si, Looked at his mom. :)) at 9:31 and His Mom Really looked a Bit frightened. =))

  11. [YT] the one that starts at about 3.58??
    its the sad song they play for all their breakup scenes, actually.
    its so heartwrenching, and its such a nice song, but i just can’t find it!

  12. [YT] Yu sao is great! She disobeyed her owner just because she thinks it’s what’s right! And stop laughing and saying it’s hilarious, because she really is serious about killing herself, and she is a big help to Shancai!

  13. [YT] The mother is such a bitch!Just because Shancai is poor she doesnt allow her with DMS. What sort of mother is she? Everybody knews a mother would do anything for her children want what..DMF SUCKER!

  14. [YT] Shancai is silly for making Si feel like she has been stringing him along all this time. She should know that whenever she does something like this, it hurts him and he goes CRAZY… goshh Shancai needs to open her eyes!!

  15. [YT] Shancai, what’s wrong with you? Why can’t you be honest with your feelings? Keeping on telling lies with complicate matters more. Shouldn’t couples be honest be with each other? I’m so pissed off. I’m disappointed in you, Shancai. If you love him, why break his heart? ausdhuirgasjdhaduw!!!

  16. [YT] no, alienfire10 called ppl chinks. i just sed those things 2 get back at him/her.but 4 some reeson my computer sed it as a comment insted of a reply. i thought u was siding with him so sorry 4 wat i sed.

  17. [YT] HAHAHA ! i love Yu-sao ! thank godd, there’s more people that are goood -natured (:

    Oh yeahhh, Si’s Mom reminds me of Ah Chu – from Mean Girl Ah Chu. -> the main lead actress.

  18. [YT] I really hate the fact that sc just won’t come out with the truth that she AT LEAST cares about dms and has fallen in love with him so many times. She pretends that she doesn’t care when, in fact, it hurts her bitterly. Why can’t she just tell him??? Why WON’T she just tell him. I know she doesn’t totally trust dms and until now she’s STILL not sure of how she feels towards him, but she shouldn’t deny the fact that she loves (loved?) him. And he ASKED her if she loved him, for crying out loud!

  19. [YT] umm…in Taiwan’s college we usually have long period of break during classes..For example, umm.. If I have a math class in the morning ten, then I will have my chinese class in the afternoon 2 o’clock…

  20. [YT] how come people keep going in n out of class wenever they wanted to? dont they have schedules or something? i’ve noticed that ppl always come to lei 4 advice. mayb it’s cuz he’s always right and he’s so smart. lei looks so cute wen he smiles.

  21. [YT] they need to communicate!!! X(
    they love each other but lack communication!
    shancai can trust DMS!
    she should tell him everything, so they can have a stronger connection to each other. 🙂 i don’t know why shancai is holding back…. -_-

  22. [YT] i truly understand SC like you said she has trust issues..being protected is something new to her…same goes for me…i have always been someone who protect my family even my parents i feel unsafe letting someone protect me…i am very independent, stubborn and very headstrong…i hate relying on others except for god of course

  23. [YT] oh gosh,when i looked sancai stood and cried in the rain,i was shocked.Seriously!It makes me remember my past! That was so hurted.
    Can love just be love and not be wt something else like friends,like money or something like dat? uRGGGG

  24. [YT] i can see were shancai is coming from. from the very start she has been independent and self-reliant. thats the way she is. she obviously has trust issues, but if you look at her past, she has always was the one protecting so being protected is something different. she probably feels unsafe with it.

  25. [YT] it all force by his mother
    if nort they will b stil tgth…
    th mother is jux an xtra person

    th memories rewinded are sweeet…
    but nw it turn bitter…

  26. [YT] she will do tat becoz of her friends…her freinds’s parent r going to be pennliess…dao ming si’s mum is a very terrible…so shan cai leave dms…understand

  27. [YT] its baddddd news !!
    dms must be really hurt now.

    afterall he did so much things for her but she had hurt him again and again. she also did not prove that she loved him(until MG II).
    i guess sometimes dms would wonder if sc really loved him, and now she wanted to breakup..

    nooooo ):

  28. [YT] damn this whole episode. shancai was finally getting really close to DMS and DMS was super happy. and the mother had to bring her ugly face into the picture. STUPID BITCH. If u agree, give this a thumbs up.

  29. [YT] i cant stand it. whats wrong with letting dms protect her for awhile.

    its so stupid to just run away, denying si of his love and efforts, and just falling into the traps of the evil mum. most imptly, she broke his heart againnnn.

    wthhhh. i think if its someone else and not daomingsi, that guy would nvr dare to fall in love again. its so sad and traumatising. ):

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