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外型甜美、身材姣好的模特兒楚曼(熊黛林飾演) ,總是善用她的女人心機,把男人玩弄於股掌間、個個為她掏心掏肺!但在她的標準裡「他的時間,絕不會為沒錢的人停留!」在紙醉金迷的巴黎,她邂逅了年輕帥氣的小提琴手-蔡家豪(吳建豪飾演),還將他誤以為是身價上億的威廉諾曼,因此使出渾身解數來媚惑他,甚至取消了她與一個家產百億但已年過半百且其貌不揚的暴發戶婚約,但當楚曼發現家豪其實只是個在家中賣菜的窮小子..她會如何抉擇呢?沒有了金錢,拜金女王與窮少年的愛情是否就此會劃上句點呢?

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52 thoughts on “Material Queen Preview

  1. I don’t really understand why you people are criticizing Lynn, the female lead. I really do not think Ady An will fit into this role as her appearance is more like a ‘good-girl’ than a material Queen. Lynn portraits her role pretty good~

  2. i think the main actress is playn the part pretty convincingly, i reckon it would be the part when she realises that love is more important than money part would test her acting… not that im saying she doesnt have a naive side to her. 
    <3 Vanness Wu Forever!

  3. wow.. every and i mean EVERY single time mainland actor/actress is put in to a taiwanese majority drama all these taiwanese ppl come bashing on mainland chinese like there’s no tomorrow.. like seriously? just shows how immature and self-centered you ppl are.. and by “you ppl” i dont mean EVERY taiwanese out there = =.. just the rotten ones that are so prideful in their little island.. ppl, its the 21st century for god sake.. cant we all just be a little more accepting of other countries?? whether you like china or not, please keep in mind the fact that china pays taiwanese actors wayy more than what taiwan pays their actors which is why a lot of them and developing in china (;

    if you love vanness soo  much you should be thankful and grateful that hes getting paid a lot more to act with this “stupid” or “ugly” or “bitchy” (mainland) chinese~~

  4. does anyone know wats the name of the song in the beginning of part 1? the one that goes “its the song ive been waiting for…..” 

  5. yeah right… i have so many taiwanese friends who are not even like this. These comments are so immature.. 請不要再丟台灣人的臉了.. 

  6. I totally agree with you on this one. This drama is another “money is everything” show just like most of the shows from China. Actually, I don’t think in general not all from Taiwan think money make people “high class”. In Taiwan, people value education as muc as they value money. Mainland China is the other way around. Most shows that have actors from both sides seemed to follow the “cindirella” scrips.  

  7. Hey all,

    Whether the main actress is Taiwanese or from Mainland, it DOES NOT MATTER!  As one commentator says, we are watching this because of VANNESS!  Personally, the actress may have big eyes (by the way, which does not mean is beautiful in general), her looks is not lasting – meaning the more you look at her, the more ordinary she is.  Some girls with moderate size eyes and if combined well with her total facial features, she does look good the more you look at her! 

    By the way, from the preview, I am not sure whether Vanness has a good deal in this drama compared to 下一站幸福…..  Will he show the same promising charm in this drama, acting wise?

  8. wow, I personally am from mainland, living in the US. I knew Taiwanese are very patriotic and all, but I still had respect for them. I also admired Taiwan, love their dramas and think their people are nice too. But after reading these nasty comments about how the actress doesn’t deserve to be acting here, WTF. Your comments just prove how shallow and classless you are. Whether the actress is a bitch or not, whether she is some rich guy’s girlfriend or not, she was still hired by the director,  she still acted her part. I’m sure some models in Taiwan are also bitches and gold diggers, especially based on some comments here. If your class is already like trash, don’t say your country’s standards are high. “country”.

    I mean I don’t even get the big deal of whether it’s Taiwan or China. It’s like teenagers trying to say they’re adults. I’m not a very political person so I’m not gonna say Taiwan is wrong for standing up and kinda sorta like wanting independence and all or China is right. But just based on these comments, do you have to hate like that? I personally think she did a good job acting. She’s not supposed to be down to earth if she’s the ‘material queen’.

    UGH SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, the trash talk is getting on my nerves. – how do you feel if some taiwanese person was acting in an american film, and they’re saying, “he’s not american, 他不配!?????” and no one is trying to be someone they’re not here, it’s ACTING.

    • I agree she looks older/more matured. But come on, how do you define that as bitchy? All the comments here are getting ridiculous. For your information, I’m from Singapore. Therefore, I’m standing neutral in this case.

    • Seriously!! you “Taiwanese” ppl have issues. I think the main actress is HOT with an awesome figure.. what does it matter that she’s from China, Every heard of angelababy? she’s shanghainese, yet extremely popular! 

    • Taiwanese aren’t the best, mind you. I honestly dislike and usually don’t ridicule people this way. But, I really have to say that Taiwanese speak English just like many people from China (that’s because they have this certain accent – sometimes, it’s inevitable). But some (I MENTIONED SOME) Taiwanese just wouldn’t want to correct themselves when they’re wrong. You guys can pronounce well, but you just prefer YOUR way. Once again, I’m standing neutral. It’s just that I really can’t stand how some Taiwanese are trying to be keyboard warriors here by denying the people from China.

  9. I don’t think we should judge Lynn based on her bad press (as media always has a way of twisting the truth) and her country of origin (because this will just be poor personality on your part).  Instead, we should leave the judging of her acting when the drama starts next week.

  10. Honestly, I don’t like the main actress. Ever since she’s been known as Aaron Kwok’s girlfriend, she’s been acting like a bi***. There was even news about how she was acting really rude towards Vaness when they were filming this drama.

    I’m only watching this for Vaness. Her acting’s not good..

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