Material Queen Episode 16

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外型甜美、身材姣好的模特兒楚曼(熊黛林飾演) ,總是善用她的女人心機,把男人玩弄於股掌間、個個為她掏心掏肺!但在她的標準裡「他的時間,絕不會為沒錢的人停留!」在紙醉金迷的巴黎,她邂逅了年輕帥氣的小提琴手-蔡家豪(吳建豪飾演),還將他誤以為是身價上億的威廉諾曼,因此使出渾身解數來媚惑他,甚至取消了她與一個家產百億但已年過半百且其貌不揚的暴發戶婚約,但當楚曼發現家豪其實只是個在家中賣菜的窮小子..她會如何抉擇呢?沒有了金錢,拜金女王與窮少年的愛情是否就此會劃上句點呢?

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54 thoughts on “Material Queen Episode 16

  1. I just love how li hai pulls yi xian’s hand away out of the blue when he wants to bring him somewhere, just like the first time they met.

  2. a man jump onto your bed.. then hug you to sleep!! how could you not realise that and sleep like a baby hugging back this stranger…yes, yi xian and li hai, they look cute together.. but that scene is a bit far out isnt it? 

  3. OMGUHHHHHH I CAN’T WAIT TILL NEXT WEEK DARNNNIT): and at the end of the preview when jia hao was crying………………)’: he’s shooo hawt<3

  4. i think this drama is superb.. the girl is also very strong and managed to live her life even when no one around her care for her (except the manager).. =) 

  5. “so is it all I have been waiting for?” 是的, 不是嗎^^
    有多少人等了一個禮拜只是為了”拜金女王” :>


    “is this all I have been waiting for?” — > 沒錯阿 =))

  6. really enjoying this drama…it’s my fav thing to do after work every friday. 🙂  Enjoying seeing the clothes that chu man’s wearing! : )

  7. Louisanne and Lihai looks good together!! Danson’s so CUTE!

    Cameron is SO FUNNY!! Harry can act and sing! 🙂

    And wasn’t Gentucky supposed to be Chuman’s father? So i guess that’s not how the plot goes. Can’t believe Gentucky really wants to be Chuman. 

    The story is so SAD. Mom left daughter at orphanage so she can marry someone rich without the burden of bringing a child into the family. Mom then treats step-daughter (Sasha) better than she did with her own daughter, and neglects her biological daughter. And when she needs an organ transplant, her biological daughter is the one who step up (despite her mom’s selfishness and neglect) to donate organ.

  8. i dozed off several times in the past 1and a half hour but still not going to bed because of this”
    you’re my saviour Sugoideas!!!

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