Material Queen Episode 15

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外型甜美、身材姣好的模特兒楚曼(熊黛林飾演) ,總是善用她的女人心機,把男人玩弄於股掌間、個個為她掏心掏肺!但在她的標準裡「他的時間,絕不會為沒錢的人停留!」在紙醉金迷的巴黎,她邂逅了年輕帥氣的小提琴手-蔡家豪(吳建豪飾演),還將他誤以為是身價上億的威廉諾曼,因此使出渾身解數來媚惑他,甚至取消了她與一個家產百億但已年過半百且其貌不揚的暴發戶婚約,但當楚曼發現家豪其實只是個在家中賣菜的窮小子..她會如何抉擇呢?沒有了金錢,拜金女王與窮少年的愛情是否就此會劃上句點呢?

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70 thoughts on “Material Queen Episode 15

  1. At Frist when i was watching ep 1 like was ALONG timeee agooooooooooo and i stoped because it was getting nowhere and danson tang didnt appear -___- THe Preview is sooo CUteeeee and Danson Tang and Vaness Wu is the only reason im watching this :3 <33333

  2. anyone confused as to why he has the footage of when they were alone(when the exterminators were spraying stuff) wasn’t all the setup suppose to be put away already… 0.o how’d it get in the mv?

  3. 蔡家豪有嚴凱銘一半的警覺性就知道楚曼是真的愛他了!


  4. SERIOUSLY?? the entire reason i wanted to watch this was because of Danson and now he finally shows up? I’ve been w8ting for like decades!!! i mean i was shocked at how he looked when he appeared man. hot, sexy, and AWESOME! they better show more scene of him or im going to screw this drama.

  5. holy crap chuman looks like a giant compared to those nurses. LOL. well she is a super super super tall model after all. and those heels… daaaaaang girl 🙂 !

  6. 剪接畫面沒剪好 part4 楚曼跟董事長敬酒時10:51分開始 楚曼把所有的酒喝光 但是在10:56分時 楚曼的酒杯裡還有酒 在董事在跟她說多加點酒之前 楚曼酒杯裡還有酒

    • 有愛的婚姻都未必能長久 更何況沒有愛 我覺的他要是為女生好就一次跟女生把話講清楚 不要再浪費女生的時間了 明明就愛楚曼 就算跟助理結婚 到最後也會是離婚收場 

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