Magic Ring Episode 11

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Xiao Jun slowly wakes up from a train accident. Losing all her memories and left with amnesia, Xiao Jun has no idea who she is or where she is going. Yet the ancient ring that she is wearing on her finger is proof of being the Du family’s eldest son’s fiancé. Therefore, Xiao Jun is confusingly brought to the rich and powerful Du family. The head of the Du family treats her and loves her as if she is his own daughter, causing the pregnant Xiao Jun to experience the feelings of a warm family that she has never felt before.

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57 thoughts on “Magic Ring Episode 11

  1. [YT] she said that the sao sao reminds her of her mom, how her mom had difficulties when she was pregnant and died during childbirth. she doesn’t want it to happen to sao sao

  2. [YT] acting is so bad and so fake from both main characters. i think the baby is gonna die. haha. and gosh…. she should be careful 1st trimester, she can kill her baby for doing all these things.

  3. [YT] u kno if we had mor slapi,slapi,slapi
    kis scenes in othr movis thy wuldnt
    b as much of failures!lol!jk.
    all thos movis without the slapi kis
    scen r stil kk jus wuld b betr w/ it!lol!

  4. [YT] did u see he couldnt take off his gloves so he took the other one off instead and then he couldnt take that on off it took him like 2 or 2 trys to

  5. [YT] actually, she could just call someone else to pick her up or take a cab… she can ask the driver to send her home bcz you will only pay after you arrive at your destination for cab. LOLOL.. it’s not logic!!!

  6. [YT] .. ys it so like iswak?rich,ends up dating someone they dont like who likes them and breaks their heart rly bad and ends up with someone he never thought would like. and hes like someone with a rly bad attitude
    thats gay
    and joe is just a good person in real life. :[

  7. [YT] I love his character here. Confused, brooding and angry. He does not know how to express his feelings very well bcuz he is very much conflicted and at the same time he is too in love with his fake sao sao.

  8. [YT] I know a couple of guys that married pregnant women. They are not the fathers but they really luv the women so they got together. Like what ppl say, you don’t choose the one u fall in luv with. Love is a pretty strong feeling that it’s very hard to get in the way. I know that from personal experience.

  9. [YT] but he’s just really confused. he was conflicted about liking her or not, but he can’t because she is supposedly his sister-in-law. after being lied to about so long and having so many heartache’s you would expect him to feel this way.

  10. [YT] But i like the depressing mood just tug at one heart string…what MaKe said is so TRUE, there is electricity current between them…well it’s lovely misunderstanding

  11. [YT] well we can’t really choose who we falls in love with and he already in love with her regardless of he like it or not, whether she is with someone else child! If you really love someone you will not mind that at all!

  12. [YT] Love to see them kiss but not for the wrong reason tho..JingHang is very conflicted with his love/hate feeling for her at the moment, this drama is sooo good & addictive!

  13. [YT] jus recalled…this ke ting role she similar to that of jing in meteor..cos at that time hua ze lei also rejected her for shancai..haha…jus pointing out nia..enjoyin the show..

  14. [YT] did anyone noticed that jin hang said something wrongly?
    it should be yu qin n not xiao jun..
    at that time ke ting still dunno yu qin’s real identity wat…
    oh no i watched 3 times then found out de…

  15. [YT] du jin hang! u say after u found out that she’s a fake, u dont even wanna look at her, but not only do u kiss her, u get all freaked out when hearing she’s sick. and always trying to look at her whenever u can without ur GIRLFRIEND noticing.

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