In Time with You Episode 10

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On her 30th birthday, Cheng You Qing received an email on "the symptoms of premature aging" from Li Da Ren, her best friend of 14 years. Unable to accept that Li Da Ren is like a fine wine that will get better with age and she is like a grape that will dry into a raisin as years go by, she made a bet with Li to see who will get married first before they turn 35. As she looked around for a potential husband, she discovered that she was surrounded by unacceptable candidates, like gay assistant or cheating ex-boyfriend. The only man who could love her despite her ill temper and stubbornness is her best friend. The only problem was that they both swore that they were not or will ever be romantically attracted to each other.

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285 thoughts on “In Time with You Episode 10

  1. i hate ding li wei, 裝什麼ABC
    這樣有比較好嗎? 我也是ABC
    但我都會用中文 不會故意”talk like this to make myself sound 比較酷”…因為真的很噁爛

    • 他是华裔阿,他中文本来就不好,剧本的中文他都读不懂,都是别人帮他翻译的,不是装的,

  2. well… i would hv to say i love Will… mayb he did something wrong in the past, but he give her more love to amend it. he tolerate alots. he was a so ego, yet he willing to give up his pride. so… i prefer Will eventho Daren is great as well… but Will… i guess the love is still there.

  3. I am wondering why most of audience dont like Will, it seems he loves Youqing a million. I didnt like him at first, but now I notice that all he does are due to his love to Youqing. I can forgive him and think it might be a good result if Youqing marry him. XD

    • It might be a good result…but in the end, it won’t be anything amazing because love is something that cannot be forced and Youqing seems to know this at least on a subconscious level that she has some doubts about her love with Will….and she has yet to realize her love for Daren! ^^

    • i think the clear problem is timing. he didn’t love her enough in the past, so now even if he does, she doesn’t love him anymore.

  4. Why Daren could be so cowardly, I even feel anxious for him. Speaking out “I Love you” could be the key to convert their relationship from friends to lovers. This is episode No.10, he even didn’t do it during the last 9 episodes…

  5. ariel is pissing me off, she tells ic that its impossible for her to act cute and cry in front of a guy to get what she wants, but that is what she does… 口是心非,like maggie said, i hate her kind of woman

  6. why is you qing even together with li wei -.- he is handsome but he is such a jerk zz he treat his girlfriend like his puppet … if he wan a lover that will listen to everything he said why not just go get a dog as his lover …

    • you know it could be the fact that she is pretending to not to sing well in front of so many seniors such as Ariel and Wilson, right?  That’s one of the unwritten rules in the entertainment business –> never outshine your seniors.

  7. I am very surprise girls like the character of Da Ren. My husband is this kind. Too soft. Do not speak out. Very considerate so you do not know what he really thinks. Maybe not a lot men like this kind so girls like Da Ren so much. But, trust me, after years, you will feel the good character become — boring and unexciting……….

      • We have 20 years marriage and with a good life compare to others in the middle age. Because after years, I try to get used to  this kind personality. Anyway, with this kind personality, Da Ren lost a lot of chance to show his real feeling to his love. If your best male friend has never told you he has loved you for 14 years and just let you go, how do you feel? Why not just tell 又青”I love you”? I do not mean I like the other character better. That is just an expereience to share with young girls the characters of differennt men.

      • oh my gosh, mean! just because you guys are obsessed with the darren and youching character, and irked by liwei doesnt mean you have to bully people who may have a different opinion from yours. its a drama, a plot people. how immature.

    • Maybe, Da ren’s not that boring, since we haven’t seen him in “action” as You Qing’s boyfriend. hehehe!!!  But I think, the issue of a guy being boring is easier to resolve than guys who are obviously exciting but overbearing & two-timing jerks, like the “Ding Li Wei’s’ of the world. LOL! :)))

  8. Omg what’s with the preview for the next episode? Now that everything’s clear and she knows that daren’s interested in her. Why make the wrong choice? It’s pretty obvious that she and dingliwei can’t get together in the long run. Dlw’s the one making the sacrifices (grudgingly) while youqing’s trying to change, but you can tell that originally their personalities don’t meld and that’s what’s making them quarrel over the smallest things.
    She knows how to say that a moment of romanticism is not sustainable but she keeps getting carried away by the moment… And continuing to hold on to dlw for pity, just because she can’t bear to hurt him. Man. If someone would just try to think about themselves more… Love is rarely a case of expressing consideration for others. The right choice will be made in the end. No one has to fret over it. In my opinion.

  9. ‘新加坡?!’When this name appear in this show , i feel so proud , Singapore ! My country ! Kekekeke !
    OMG , when Nick’s bf came , i got a goosebumps !~ So sweet though when Nick kissed him !
    Youqing cried , her looks make people feel sad with her too… :'(

      • no offense to all or anyone, but in my opinion, the “singaporeans ” that you think are cocky, might be the china PRs, majority of them are. THEY are the real cocky ones. singaporean here btw. 😀 we are actually real nice people, its just that you might mistake other people of other countries, cause there really are too many PRs and foreigners

        • i don’t think it have anything to do nationally and where people are from. it’s usually just how people impress others. everyone is individual.

        • is it really alright to push it to the foreigners and ‘non-singaporeans’? no offense to all or anyone, but i think everyone is the same, and judging them by nationally is just wrong.even among really nice people there will be cocky and ignorant ones.

  10. 是不是不想失去但反而在決定的當下已失去了呢? 你是像李大仁腂足不前的溫柔還是像丁力威的極級爭取呢?我覺得好多次我好像李大仁..害怕失去,反而失去了…

  11. 可以理解程又青的感覺耶 獅子座好像一但把一個人認定為朋友 就真的是朋友 不會有任何念頭 不喜歡別人喜歡她卻不講明白 通常事後有人才告訴她 一定會想 :為什麼不早說,李大仁的溫柔、善解人意 很對他們的味口,但就因為”朋友” 的緣故,所以才不會下手 ,獅子座無法容忍大男人主義 因為自己也算是大女人 呵 所以丁立威的”不同意”對他們來說很霸道  程又青真的很獅子座  人物描寫得很真實 讚啦

  12. 程又青和丁立威的對話、爭執,更顯得李大仁的尊重是多麼可貴與優秀…..


  13. It’s nice how Nic is “filling in” Da ren’s place for the meantime as You Qing’s friend. I hope Nic can help YQ realize her true feelings for Da ren. 🙂

    • The storyline is simple in this drama. What matters is the script, the dialog. Try to understand their convo better and you will find them beautiful, meaningful and inspiring, regardless whom is YQ gonna be with at the end. Anyway, I’ve read through the original script book and I’m still looking forward to watch the drama. This unique drama is surely one of the best in recent years.

      • So true! I’ve read somewhere, that a lot of the people who bought the script book didn’t want to open & read it first while the drama is still airing. But because the one week wait for each episode is so painful, they just had to read the script book. LOL!  And after that, they looked forward to watching the drama even more. 🙂

  14. Part 4的丁立威很讓人火大,根本就沒打算溝通嘛!

  15. Ding Li Wei  is giving in more then .. I guess he really loves her and is afraid to lose her if he doesn’t ..
    Maggie have no singing voice … Da Ren also cannot sing so good … Ariel (youching) is a singer .. her voice is nice 🙂

  16. to be honest.. i enjoy watching the scenes where Ariel & Bolin is in the same scene the most. The level of chemistry, innate reaction & the “naturality”(is there such word?!) of acting is just simply AMAZING.

    • yeah, when I was watching the behind the scenes clip, it’s evident that both Ariel & Bo-lin were serious in their craft & at the same time, it also showed how comfortable they are acting opposite each other. They looked so relax & having fun during the shoot. Their acting is so effortless & natural and it shows in this drama. They compliment each others acting skills so well, really love their chemistry. 🙂

  17. only 3 more episodes to go… I am SOOooooOOoooo.. gonna miss this show.. gonna miss Ariel & Bolin.. 🙁 i hope the wait for Ariel to return won’t be too long.. am sick of cutesy no brainer stereotype idol drama…

    • Oh, me too! Even this early, I want the DVD of this drama. This is the type of drama I’d love to  watch again & again. Love the lines, the dialogues, the characters, the artistic direction, the songs and the actors, especially Ariel & Bo-lin, they just made You Qing & Da ren’s character so amazingly REAL. I simply love this drama. 🙂

  18. youching does not deserve darren nor liwei, she is self centered. i think she should move on and be with a completely different guy

    • But all along, the show runs on the premise that she is self centered but righteous. But in many ways, she also cares for the people around her. MMM a completely different guy for her might not be bad too. HAHA

  19. 丁力威也太可怜了吧!程又青真是的,都三十岁了怎么还学不会干脆啊?单单这点就跟角色设定的性格有差吧?但是林依晨演得真的太棒了!

  20. Wadthe ? Ding li wei even want care bout her hair ? Everything need tell ask report to him , every single little thing like hair , zzz. 

  21. 一個不斷的催眠自己不會愛對方, 一個不停催促自己要改變.
    當你心裡的聲音嘮叨得像你媽一般的時候, 就該去面對真正的自己了吧.
    你明明就愛對方, 你明明就不想改變.

  22. my oh my.. the preview of epi11 is driving me nuts.. :'( can’t wait for next week and the following week. I can’t wait til both daren n youqing r together as couple..

  23. chen bo lin is single at the moment. why not give a try and chase ariel. they have CHEMISTRY on the screen.were mike he and ariel ON before and what was the reason for the split-up?

    • they told they are not each other’s type, and ariel kinda teasin him with other girls, while bolin i sencouraging her to get married with her bf soon in another interview

      • yeah i think ariel always like the buff type and tall, she always has a thing for abc, her bf now i think kinda grew up in US also.

      • i know in one interview i watched in china, they asked bolin to call gui lun mei? i think the actress that he likes and was being rumoured and he keeps smiling secretly while talking to her on the phone, while ariel is laughing at the back, teasing him. also bolin like model material while ariel is into american born chinese type of guy. but they are so good in their craft so their chemistry onscreen is effective.

      • as of yesterday, not anymore. ariel has confirmed that she & her boyfriend have called it quits. i just hope that someday she finds true happiness & at the same time, still continue acting because she’s an excellent actress. 🙂

  24. i heard bolin is based in hongkong and has made movies in hongkong and japan. so, i’d like to know if he can speak cantonese and japanese. anybody here knows about it?

  25. 自從Maggie出現, 慢慢看出又青是一個很自私的女人. 一直推開大仁, 卻一直生大仁和Maggie的氣& 吃他們的醋. 後半段和丁立威再一起後- 大剌剌的在大仁面前選丁立威, 卻在丁立威面前說自己寧可選大仁…. 非常矛盾. 當一個人對愛模糊不清時, 也許那感覺很好.. 但別忘了其他人很難受… Maggie和丁立威一點都不討厭! 大家討厭他們也只是因為 1. 他們不是lead配對 2. 男女主角默契很好, 感情深厚
    但其實我個人覺得, 最不討喜的角色是程又青, 她傷了Maggie, 丁立威, 也傷了大仁.. 希望她能趕快明白自己所愛 BTW林依晨短頭髮好美啊!!!!!!!!!~ >< 

    • 大仁因為她才去新加坡,老公主還為此流淚

      複雜的關係,讓這戲非常有討論度  😀

    • 又青treated Meggie very mean at the beggining when 大仁 and Meggie were boy and girl friend. And now on the phone, she says she is going to protect his future wife at the wedding.  I did not feel she ever nice to 大仁’s girlfriend. Just feel because she is in love at that moment. So, I do not like this part.  非常矛盾.

      • 大仁說過,他每段感情都是被甩,因為對方不能接受他『最好的朋友』


  26. 王阳明当年劈腿萧亚轩…

    • really, he was with elva xiao?but elva is so hot, how can he look at other woman? maybe, because he is a chick-magnet(he reminds me of edison chen because both are fluent in english.) wang yang ming is so buff, i would be so conscious of him together with me, if he were my boyfriend. but chen bo lin is different. he is the boy-next-door type of man and i think i would be more comfortable with him, if he were my boyfriend. so hands-down, bolin for me.
      he did not have the MOLE on his right cheek when he first entered show biz. i went to watch Blue Gate Crossing and i noticed there was no mole then.

  27. WTF. for some reason as this drama progressed, you qing has really become the bitchy one. Daren wants her to be happy thus doesn’t express his true feeling to you qing, while the boyfriend gets super jealous because, come on, what kind of guy wouldn’t get nervous over this guy “best friend” your girlfriend has. She is just way too demanding from so many levels. Somehow my only favorite part is when you qing chatted with the ex-gay assistant about her personal problem, that moment is something I called natural. He is so cute though 😛

  28. 其實看到現在,我知道很多觀眾都很入戲,甚至很多都希望又青跟大仁在一起而討厭丁立威,我個人也很喜歡李大仁,但是我也覺得丁立威這個角色也很可憐,有他的立場在. 大家都說丁立威不好,沒有錯,他之前是離開過又青一次,但是並不代表他這次回來也只是玩玩(從我看到現在來說,他的回來真的很想要好好跟又青複合),而且大家為什麼都討厭他?他把男朋友的特徵演得很滿,試問自己的女朋友有一個好到不行的男性好朋友,難道你能不擔心嗎?程又青自己選擇跟他複合的,她幹嘛這麼自私不理會男朋友的感受而去跟李大仁這麼close(雖然我知道他們很好朋友),但是這樣會給丁立威一種”不安全感”, 她為了工作想要調去新加坡,我懂丁立威為什麼會說不能,畢竟試問有人會想自己的女朋友去別的國家工作嗎而且李大仁又會在那邊?而程又青怎麼能自私地離開男朋友去別的國家去工作呢?如果是真的愛,就不會這麼做了,不會離開自己的愛人,不會跟好朋友這麼好讓自己的男朋友難過. (這只是個人想法,有時候真的替丁立威抱不平).

    • That’s why, in a love triangle series, i always feel bad for the 2nd male leads because their characters are also quite nice and they were not chosen at the end. that would be quite devastating for them. feel sorry  for them really. actually, i never blame liwei for deleting daren’s message to youqing because if i were him, i would do the same. if i were him, i would get so jealous after reading the message wherein the best friend is declaring his love for my girl. if i let her show the message, i might PROBABLY be dumped and i would not take chances.
      youqing was now getting older and desperate. because of the sentence that daren had many times told her,” i may not love you”, she thought she has no chances at all to be daren’s girlfriend. i think that was why she took back liwei when he came back for her. and i agree with lillov3r, that liwei is not playing around with youqing, he was there for her for keeps, intending to marry her.see how complicated love triangles are, all parties are hurt. and i am relieved love triangles are not OFTEN found in real life but do EXIST in romance series mostly!

    • 过去的偶像剧的刻板套路都是NICE GUYS FINISH LAST型…男一女主爱…男二留给观众爱…所以这次大家才不希望又是这样啊…幸好李大仁是男一…|||||

  29. youching and i have so many similarities like our house looks pretty much the same, i also have my room in the highest part of the house and i got it renovated to be bigger eversince my 2 siblings got married because i need to have a huge closet space, my parents acted like youching’s own parents, and they treat me just like her,i used to be the president in our student council back then in my highschool days, i also just turned 30 and freak a liitle bit about it, i also work in the fashion industry but not in a shoe business, and my nickname is paching so it sounds like youching(haha)..the only difference that we have is im not that conceited like her and im more behave, i think… and i dont have a hot sexy bf drooling over me nor a pathetic guy bff obsessing over me for decades, hehe.

  30. YouQing asked for 6 months and the answer is “only if we break up” ???? WTF? YouQing becomes really dumb when she’s around him. It’s totally unfair, I would understand LiWei’s point of view if he didn’t cheat on her, go out and “see the world” for 5 years, then go back and take her for granted. He is definately not the one to AGREE anything.

    • subconsciously, youqing was rooting for daren that was why she was asking her boyfriend if she could go to singapore to further her career.deep inside, she will be missing Daren , who asks his boss for a job transfer to singapore. remember the time she and her GAY friend(the cute guy) were talking and he asked her suddenly,”i want a quick answer,, if you were to choose, which one…singapore or your boyfriend?”

    • guest, youqing knew daren would be assigned to singapore because he told her about it.(watch part 1, 11:45-11:55). i was thinking she wanted to go there  PARTLY for a job advancement as well as a change in job environment, but MOSTLY so she can see DaRen there. she knew deep inside she will be MISSING him a lot and the only way not to miss him is to ALWAYS see him in singapore.

  31. You Qing & Da ren were enemies in high school, it was only during college that they became friends. So that scene wherein YQ had no money & Da ren paid for her bill, is that the start of their friendship?

    • for me, they are not enemies. youqing was very competitive with DaRen because he was smarter a lot than her and DaRen was quite docile with her way back then and until the present. he was not as aggressive as the other boys in expressing their feelings. youqing was so argumentative (talker) while Daren was more passive(the listener). i would like to guess that their talking a lot to each other opened up their friendship. But what you mentioned above can also be the start of their friendship, it is a possibility since the series did not show EXPLICITLY when they started to grow so close.

    • i discontinued watching it because it seems ridiculous that the main guy can’t recognize her while the lead lady can after that “elevator incident” considering he was trying to locate her(started to like her) and also he has her photos framed (he was a part time photographer) so i think he must have already memorized her facial features very well. Furthermore, nothing was changed much before and after(  she only curled her hair)….she did not have cosmetic enhancement at all so how can he NOT recognize her? for that reason alone, i stop watching it.

  32. It’s obvious that You Qing is so comfortable around Da ren’s colleagues & friends while she’s so bored & feels out of place among Li Wei’s friends like during that proposal in the last episode. 

    • yeah, because until now, Daren does not want to disclose the contents of the poem( the letter which was torn while both of them were grabbing it? The bigger part of the poem is still with Daren while the smaller part, with YouQing) and the song he composed for YouQing( XinDi, the class ugly duckling was mentioning about IT (during the class sending-off party for DaRen) when she was stopped by DaRen.

  33. Love this episode and it’s good that the dreaded airport scene will finally be shown in the next episode. I want to know what brought about You Qing’s decision regarding LI Wei, since she obviously loves Da ren. Episode 11 will be sooo interesting…. 🙂 

  34. 當兩人變成自己的獨角戲時候,多少的傷痛才能把你挽救回來。 奮不顧身的愛好痛。真的好痛。

  35. the SECRET is out. youQing knew IT from maggie.and she said, “This changes everything.
    this is the only one series that i have watched so far that the GIST of the story and the TITLE are so APT and FIT! I LOVE the title of this series(the chinese version, not the english version) and the phrase has been used over and over to EMPHASIZE the main point of the storyline.

  36. as much as she wanted to send off her best friend, DaRen, instead she attended her boyfriend’s dinner with his boss because she would not like them quarreling. she was thankful that DaRen understood her if she was not present at all. she knew LiWei would get mad at her if she could not come so she chose instead to attend liwe’s boss dinner invitation.

  37. Li Da Ren has been suffering for the last few episodes…when is Chen You Qing gna suffer a little?  I hope she goes through a bit of pain once she is FINALLY out of denial abt her feeling towards Da Ren.  I just think it’s a bit unfair at this point for Da Ren. He’s always the bigger person, always giving yet, is the one suffering frm the pain of unrequited love in this relationship when the feeling is mutual. It’s getting difficult to watch him go through this.  I hope next episode is some sort of turning point!

    • I agree with you! Makes me want to cry every time I see Da Ren suffering! Not sure if I like the last bit of the preview – Da Ren really looked really heartbroken and like he was about to cry!

  38. she was saying to herself,” Daren is quite handsome, it is a pity ……”she left off. I will continue her train of thoughts…. it’s a pity he did not propose to me” she really was waiting for him to propose in her subconscious mind. that’s why she had already broken up with her 2 ex-boyfriends, citing incompatibilility(specially the 1st boyfriend, henry). the 2nd one, i think , they didn’t know each other WELL ENOUGH yet because it was the guy who went off abroad. give her  a few months of getting to know the 2nd boyfriend and she would be dumping him.

  39. the ugly dusclkling Lu Xindi, overtook her peers. she got hitched earlier than they and she married rich. of course, she CHANGED her looks and she was not as ugly as before, where she was often being bullied in school/

    • do you know WTF are you saying?????????
      if 依晨 is not good as an actress..then WHO IS?!!!!
      everyone knows 依晨 is one of the best actress!! i guess only you don’t!!!! i think you’re just  dis-criminating her and not seeing how good her acting is!!!! so just SHUT UP if you don’t know anything! this is the worst comment i’ve ever seen!

    • she is RECOGNIZED as a great actress, with acting awards to boot! for me, barbie hsu is not a good actress( her facial emotions is lacking), rainie yang is a close contender to the best actress acting award. for models turned actresses, sonia sui (the firerce wife) and janine zhang( ring ring bell) are quite ok!

      • if he really loves her….then he would not left her without saying one word 5 years ago… and if he really loves her… he won’t argue with her for stupid reasons….
        he from day one..already knows what kind of person YouQing is like. He just uses his “huggings” and “kissing” to stop YouQing’s point of views~

        • I’m sorry, its just can’t help it.. Sunny Wang acts out his part too well, can’t help but stare at him when I see him on screen, but what you say is very true and I agree with you. 

    • boyfriends/husbands should not control even the hairstyle of their girlfriends/wives. women are NOT BORN to PLEASE men. if such is the case, women would look like OBJECTS! if it involves an unborn baby in the womb, men have a SAY but if it involves a hairstyle, they DON”T have a say. women should do as they please with their hair!!

      • I totally agree with you, Miriam. I had an ex-boyfriend who, even though he moved to another state, would tell me over the phone when to meet my friends, what to wear etc, yet he seemed ashamed of being with me. That was why he became an ex lol

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