In Time with You Episode 09

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On her 30th birthday, Cheng You Qing received an email on "the symptoms of premature aging" from Li Da Ren, her best friend of 14 years. Unable to accept that Li Da Ren is like a fine wine that will get better with age and she is like a grape that will dry into a raisin as years go by, she made a bet with Li to see who will get married first before they turn 35. As she looked around for a potential husband, she discovered that she was surrounded by unacceptable candidates, like gay assistant or cheating ex-boyfriend. The only man who could love her despite her ill temper and stubbornness is her best friend. The only problem was that they both swore that they were not or will ever be romantically attracted to each other.

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178 thoughts on “In Time with You Episode 09

  1. 本來很嚮往有李大仁這樣的角色在生命中…但交往了幾個不同,好好壞壞的男生之後才發現 這種“愛在心裡口難開”的男生真的很讓人吃不消 不要浪費我青春!

  2. i shouldnt complain, but the video keeps vibrating… im very giddy now… and having a headache at the same time… but still enjoying myself… why is that so?

  3. I know a lot of people want her to be with LDR. But i honestly like DLW better! Not so timid and scared. If DLW was in LDR’s shoes, he would’ve confessed his feelings way earlier! So man!

  4. I always like the second guy ., or i feel sorry for them , And i think they are very sweet , but no for this ding li wei , his is so not a gentle men .    His ugly . .  . 

  5. 李大仁的愛真偉大…故意去同個學校上女生的科系..明明自己可以上更好的..卻放棄…李大仁的愛…是默默的愛…

    • 政大新聞是又青的目標,大仁就把分數控制在政大新聞,這才是可怕的地方…….
      歐~是感動的地方  XDDD

  6. The anticipation for Da ren & You Qing finally being together can really be frustrating at times. But what I like about this drama is that each scene is essential to the story & makes me appreciate how it was presented. This episode may be sad in terms of the progress between Da ren & You Qing’s relationship but I still loved all the scenes… I loved seeing Da ren having a temper. Lol! The conversation between You Qing & her dad was so touching. As well as, Da ren talking to Li Wei about You Qing. That scene when Da ren was at the office & seems to be goin’ crazy trying to forget You Qing was so funny. And when You Qing told Da ren to let her do a “supporting role” for him in the future & be a bridesmaid at his wedding… OMG! I think my heart just literally stopped for a moment. I can feel the heart wrenching pain Da ren felt, the most painful scene in this episode. Indeed, the journey towards true love & happiness for these two, is so hard. 🙂

  7. i have never been so engrossed watching a drama till i watch this series. Find myself watching every episode twice, once with chinese subtitles, and once with english sub (thanks, subbers!) in case i misunderstood or didn’t get what they are saying.. then the songs kinda get stuck in my head for a few days…..

    • oh yes, i know what you feel. this drama can be so addicting! If you’re a viewer who doesn’t want to think & go into a contemplative & pensive mood, then this drama is definitely “too heavy” to watch. Because this drama will just take you into a roller coaster of emotions. 🙂 


  9. 為什麼劇本的詞都那麼令人感動! 句句說到心坎裡!
    長長久久的愛,才是難得啊 怦然心動,能持久的又有幾的呢?

  10. Must wait another week for a new ep! 😀  I am guessing just a few episodes left … at least two or more .. I think the last episode is LDR and CYQ in Singapore … 

  11. funny, I know it’s only a drama, but I wanted to go inside my computer screen & give Da ren & You Qing a beating.  Why oh why are they doing this to themselves and to the viewers?!!!….. LOL!!!! 🙂

  12. 我覺得這集最讓我touch到心裡的是深情的程爸在向又青形容與庸婦之間那無形的愛~眼淚都流出來囉!

  13. when is the last episode? ep 13? It’s already ep 9, omg please let you qing and da ren get together!! I’ll hate this show if they made da ren confess to youqing at the last episode. 

  14. DaRen was more academically superior than YouQing. when he knew that she failed to get her college course, he gave it up even though he was admitted to study the same college course. youqing had been the class president for years since their elmentary days. she felt she was the smartest so what would she feel if she knew that DaRen was successful and she was not?  her ego would be crushed and the more daRen can’t SCORE with her, just in case he decides to pursue her.that just shows his love for her, although i consider his SACRIFICE most stupid!!

  15. YouQing should correct her image. she comes on TOO STRONG. when lala asked her if it’s all right to ask henry’s ex-ex-girlfriend(the one before youQing) to be her bridesmaid, YouQing was intrigued why lala didin’t ask her to be the bridesmaid. Lala answered that Henry told her YouQing was the type of woman who thinks “the world revolves around her”( too egoist and too-self-centered).

  16. i understand now why DasRen was a bit timid ….he had already expressed his intentions (he told her he loved her) in his text message to her. he thought that she had received it but had gotten no reply from YouQing, that meant YouQing declined his love proposal. that’s why he couldn’t bring up the SUBECT again in person, fearing for a 2nd rejection! BUT he tried asking her whether she had received his text message but YouQing put aside the question and turn to other topic(she did not tell him that she DIDN’T receive the message , didn’t tell DaRen that LiWei had deleted the message. If she could be honest for that moment, this misunderstanding could be cleared up….. I mean, he might text the same message again, if he can’t find courage to tell his feelings PERSONALLY!

  17. I’m wondering what Maggie said to You Qing in the preview for the next episode. Did she actually spilled out the truth about Da ren being in love with You Qing?!  And I hope Da ren’s not back with Maggie, that would just be insane! Hmmm…..

    • I think she would probably think that Da Ren was just using her as an excuse to dump Maggie.. As record has shown, Da Ren always has a way of explaining & NOT confessing & You Qing always choose to believe he doesn’t love her… sigh…  seriously.. these two..

    • yes, maggie told youqing that DaRen loves her. at last, she knows (i can’t imagine why she CAN’T possibly not know he is in love with her. he’s ALWAYS there for her. the viewers know of this, but she doesn’t? how DENSE can one get?) how will the story unfold once she knows the truth? watch out for the next episode!!

  18. youqing had observed the love of her parents towards each other and would like to have that kind of “simple”love and promised herself not to anticipate the “earthshaking”(exaggerated) kind of proposal like what henry did to lala(a big balloon ). she was telling herself that THAT kind of marriage proposal served only as a FLATTERY to women’s ego and that doesn’t guarantee that what follows after marriage is happy. somewhat true, but for me, that kind of proposal happens only ONCE and i want it to be GRAND.

    • yes indeed, who wouldn’t want a grand proposal but I hated how Li Wei was planning to do that proposal to You Qing, in front of his co-workers, really?!!…. so lame. And You Qing was so uncomfortable with those people. Ehhh… he should actually made sure first that the ring fits! Lol!

      I’m hoping, at the end of this drama, Da ren will buy the ring You Qing liked, in ep. 6 I think, and have an “intimate” proposal for You Qing. Just the two of them, away from their family & friends. Oh, that will be so great, if that happens. After such a long, frustrating journey for these 2. Geez…. I’m still full of hope… :))))

  19. that’s true, during our grandparents time, where arranged marriage is the thing. they never mentioned “i love you” to each other but their marriage held LONG and LASTING. their love was shown in their attitude and behavior toward each other and not in words.

  20. DaRen is going to FIGHT for his love,  i think. when DingLiWei told him that he and YouQing were engaged and going to get married, he said,”engagement is not the END, and marriage is only the begiinning.”

  21. wa, that was the first time i saw him yelling at his mother and sister. i thought he does not have a TEMPER because he seems like a “YES”-man to YouQing.

    • I actually loved that scene, to see Da ren having a temper was actually “refreshing”! Lol! He’s human after all…. :))))

  22. she really cares what is being written by him( she still doesn’t know it or won’t want to admit that she loves him. neither otf them wants to make the first move to make their FRIENSHIP to a more advanced level for fear of losing that friendhip) IF NOT, why will she WASTE her time TRYING to DECIPHER the torn message?

      • I think YouQing does love DaRen, probably even before Daren fell for her. The reason she liked to oppose DaRen’s ideas in high school was because this person attracted her and she’s annoyed by that.

    • i think it’s quite clear that YQ frequently wishes that her relationship with DR is more than just a friend, but she is stuck with DR’s “I may never love you”. DR nailed it when he explained to Ding Wei in this episode that she is actually an insecure person. Thus she put up a very brave, confident front to cover it. That sentence “i may never love you” really gets into her, preventing her from moving forward with DR.
      I think the writer of this drama is great, she/he manages to give solid realistic characters for DR and YQ. I could understand why DR is who he is too, growing up with his strong-willed mom and sister…

      • carol, you nailed it right! the sentence “i may not love you” ( this is often repeated in this series…hence the title) sticks into her mind. as she is the proud one, she won’t make the FIRST move towards DaRen.i wish DaRen has NEVER uttered those words because those words put a HEX on his love life, as it is, their LOVE relationship is still in LIMBO because what they are maintaining at present is their FRIENDSHIP.those words are preventing them from moving on towards another level of relationship.

  23.  下列何者最為驚天動地??
    1. 花了一年薪水 升熱氣球求婚的Henry
    2  無怨無悔為對方付出的程爸程媽
    3. 為了程又青放棄第一志願的大仁 

  24. 我可能不会爱上你最好看之外是,它太真实了。题材真实,人物真实。不想一般偶像剧没有那种真实感。尤其是party里,生活就是有太多这样的人,靠车、房子、气球凸显自己的成功但成功也许就是像辰爸妈这样淡淡地,平凡地。我很喜欢它凸显人们生活的庸碌,令观众也有感同身受的感觉。

  25. Just really don’t understand YQ, she is so eager to get back together with DLW, but then she’s back off from moving forward in this relationship ….getting back into a very embarrassing love triangle like 5 years ago….She should think very DLW walked away from her….basically she pushed him away cos she started this love triangle…..why it has to be recurred again if she decided to get back with DLW…. 

    • She should think again why DLW walked away from her 5 years.  Basically she pushed him away cos she started this love triangle with him and DR…..Why can’t she stop doing wrong things at the wrong time or pay more attention not to commit the same mistake…..why she has to let it recur again if she decided to get back with DLW….

  26. 大仁哥!!!!!你快點給我表白~ i have a feeling that they WON’T end up together but forever friends….. 天啊 我太入戲了 有木有.>.<

    • i disagree. this is an idol drama series and the lead man always gets his woman! the viewers will surely get mad if the ending shows them NOT TOGETHER.
      i remember watching the LOVE CONTRACT which for me has a bad ending…. mike he carried ariel lin far into the sea (they committed suicide)but the show added an “AFTERLFE HAPPY SCENE”. for me, that added scene was RANDOMLY INSERTED and acted like an AFTERTHOUGHT to appease the viewer’s ire. 

  27. 李大仁也太膽小吧   先搶再說  搶不到也不會有遺憾啊  這部戲不會拖到大仁做到程立青小孩乾爹吧

    • i think he is ok as a beginner. i read somewhere his family has a big business but that he wants to try his luck in the entertainment industry for a change. he studied abroad and still starting.

    • that means he loves her so much that he should CONTROL his feelings for her….try his best NOT to love her. can he do it? no, he can’t! no matter how much he tries NOT to  love her, he always thinks about her, talks with her, stays with her because they are always seeing each other. He can only do that IF he totally cut her off from his life…go to a far away place 

  28. even though this episode is a bit slow.. the story & process is very real…  how often have we went through the anger emotions & yelled at our family and curse how unlucky we are when other matters piled on… I’m actually quite glad there’s another dimension to da ren’s character.. makes him an even more real character.. He should really act soon though!!!

  29. I am so disappointed with Da Ren in this episode!!! I can’t understand why he doesn’t even give himself a chance to say his love directly to You Qing!!! His personality begins to make me angry!!!

    • 做了14年的朋友。。當然會怕她的拒絕以及失去她啦。。。。會崩潰吧。。所以怕知道答案。。但是做朋友是永遠的。。。。所以對很多人來說當然很難開口啊

    • we all are! i think the producers should now change his character and wrap the whole series up!(hey, can someone tell me whether this series is based on a book or what? because if it is, the scriptwriter can’t just CHANGE his character). his present character is so WIMPY and we are not happy about it. although we like our men to love us very much, we also like them MANLY! I GUESS this series would end at around episode 13-14.

  30. I think Sunny Wang would look better without all the tatts…but he definitely does fit the character that he’s playing here…
    not sure about future dramas that he’ll be in…he can’t forever play the bad guy…

  31. a little disappointed with DR in this episode…don’t just keep tellling yourself that you shouldn’t love YQ, put your love into something!! BE A MAN!!

    • 做了14年的朋友。。當然會怕她的拒絕以及失去她啦。。。。會崩潰吧。。所以怕知道答案。。但是做朋友是永遠的。。。。所以對很多人來說當然很難開口啊 不是be a man或者not be a man的問題。。。而是他一直都在應為又青不會喜歡他啊 因為他們高中的事。。

      • 你說的也對,我也明白。是,做朋友是永遠的,但丁立威-出現了,他們的友青開始變了。不是嗎?難到他想失去愛青和友青嗎?有人說出來就可以解決他們高中的事。。一直以來,是一個誤會。

  32. 程爸:人呐,总以为那些让你神魂颠倒的才是爱,可你妈比神魂颠倒更厉害。她先是把日子弄得吱吱喳喳,让你害怕安静,接着整天晃来晃去,让你的视线里永远有个大背景,然后用食物吧你的嘴巴变刁,再慢慢让你行为失能,最后你突然发现,你再也离不开她了,所以只好死心塌地了。


  33. Such a sad, sad episode. Four episodes left & I still can’t see “the light at the end of the tunnel” for Da ren & You Qing. :((

  34. Sighhh. All this angst:( I really want to see You Qing and Da Ren like best friends again. They’re pretty much just fighting every episode. I miss the old pair. 🙁 Please become the pair you were at the beginning of this drama again!! I miss that pair the most.

    • agree! all the angst & heart wrenching scenes are definitely not good for the heart! LOL!!! i hope this drama doesn’t turn-out to be a “tragedy”. sigh….

  35. Thank you so much!!! Finally I got through. Tried for 10 mins, it’s off-line or site is experiencing excessive load??! LOL!  Thanks again! :))))

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