Ex-boyfriend Episode 05

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35 thoughts on “Ex-boyfriend Episode 05

  1. 黃志瑋,這幾年一點進步也沒有,沒有表情和演技,口條也不行 …… 如果母語不是國語,也要去練啊! …… 他是很帥,不過大概就只能當 Model. 

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama! The last drama I was this crazy about… Hana Yori Dango 2! Woke up in the morning to watch it LIVE while airing in Japan.
    I almost did the same thing here… refreshing here for Ep 5 every 5 minutes! Haha!

    Hot scene next week! Yay!
    And I’m surprised there’s not a bigger discussion group for this drama or that Yoyo doesn’t have his own forum!!! ><

  3. I’ve repressed the urge to say this for like four episodes now…but seriously…anyone else notice how large Diana’s ears are when her hair is up…

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