Down With Love Episode 14 (English Subbed)

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11 thoughts on “Down With Love Episode 14 (English Subbed)

  1. to they’re so cute together in their sweet moments…hmmm,….I have watched this drama for million times, and so I can say that the ending is ok because they became a couple but I would like it more if the director showed more sweet scenes of them together after their wedding or could have shown the wedding scene aside from the wedding event as part of the promotional activities during the press conference, and of course the honeymoon of them both, until Yang Guo gave birth to their 1st then 2nd child..

  2. so cute Jerry priceless face expression when he said “can you please go out and you see cars right? rush forward and knocked by it then, by that time Madam Wang will pick you up”..perfect!..indeed, you’re so smart Yu Ping, I so love those lines, very humorous!..and love it when Jerry is sort of angry and pissed off, love his face expression..priceless!

  3. funny line from Yu Ping..Oh Jerry so handsome and sexy with white kamesita..oh, I wanna hug him,, he looks very clean and smell good…so sexy,.though I like more his muscular body before, he looks thin in DWL but still with muscles…I love that..and very nice skin..I remember when Jerry visited our country Philippines and got interviewed by one of the beautiful actress we have Iya Villana, that she said Jerry is so handsome and has a very nice skin. This interview was when Jerry visited Phil. as part of promoting his first album, and his songs were a hit in our country like Gravity, WO she Zhendi Zhendi Hen ai Ni,Memory pieces where Iya mentioned , Jerry is good in rapping, and many others including I will love you very very much(huen hen ai ni”not sure if this is correct in chinese) ,KTV I love you, Black Coffee and many other songs..

  4. awwww..Ella is so lucky that the HOTTEST MAN IN ASIA IS CONFESSING HIS LOVE FOR HER..hahaha..I mean Yang Guo is lucky that Yu Ping confessed at last his love to her, and yeah, that makes sense, if yu ping could have told her earlier then probably yang guo could have accept him alreayd…Oh, Jerry looks disappointed but sure he looks very gentleman as well as he understand so much and willing to wait for her,,hope I have that kind of man as well.uuhuhuhu

  5. oh so cute Jerry confessing his love through the phone..indeed that’s boring but cute confession,,since he’s too shy to reveal his feelings then I understand why he acted that way..still very cute for me>.!!!..hehehek

  6. oh it was like, instead of Jerry holding the hands of a beautiful lady instead he’s holding a cute hands of a very cute girl…so sweet! their uncle-niece relationship…so sweet!

  7. oh very cute little girl…she’s so lucky..huhuhu..I’m gonna cry now! she’s so lucky to have a moment like that with Jerry Yan…so sweet of them..

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